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Cyth Systems

Supplying Engineering POWER
to the ENERGY industry 

The energy sector is consistently pushing the boundaries of technology, characterized by new innovations in making existing energy more abundant and cleaner while making renewable energy available and affordable.

Cyth has helped clients in their pursuit of innovation by developing automated test systems and control systems. Our ATE, Embedded, Machine Vision and Automation Solutions ensure the energy industry is efficient and effective.

ENERGY Industry Segments

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Energy Storage transparency
Power Monitoring System.png
Power monitoring transparency
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Natura gas transparency
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Solar Energy transparency
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Oilfield operations transparency
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Power distributin transparency

Delivering technology solutions to make TRADITIONAL ENERGY cleaner and RENEWABLE ENERGY a reality sooner.

for the
ENERGY industry

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Manufacturing & Design Test

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Manufacturing Test Automation

Circuit Board Test



Quality Control


Quality Assurance

End of Line


Final Product Test

Design Validation Test (DVT)


Automated treatment of solar cells


Using PXI Modular Instruments and LabVIEW, this system used motion control, vision inspection, and precision measurements for final finishing of solar panels prior to assembly. 

Green transparency

Automated treatment of solar cells

AdobeStock_293755074 (1)-min.jpeg

Rapidly developed a flow battery control system prototype using Circaflex

Using Single Board RIO (sbRIO) and Circaflex to prototype and deploy a High-Voltage Battery Control Board for a Liquid Flow Battery. 

Green transparency

Rapidly developed a flow battery control system
prototype using Circaflex

011416_093_sbRIO_SOM_16x9 - Edited.png

Embedded OEM Control Systems

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Green checkmark

Control System for Scientific Instruments

Drilling or Fracturing Control System

Deployable Energy Monitoring/Recording

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Industrial Control & Monitoring

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Process or Factory Equipment Control

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Onboard Electronics

Bioreactor or BioFarm Management

Untitled design (1).png

BioChar Greenery Recycling Facility


Synchronizing three CompactRIO's (cRIO) Control Systems working together to control a recycling plant that converts municipal green waste into methane and nutrient-rich charcoal (without using any energy input!). 

BioChar Greenery Recycling Facility

"Cyth is a critical supplier for us.  They're involved in the design, building, and supporting automation tools through our manufacturing."
-J.N., Sr. Production Tools Group Lead


Cyth Systems has deployed numerous ENERGY solutions. The projects below are very diverse, but they share many common characteristics and all combine together in our shared experience, history, and processes. 

"Every project is unique, but all projects share many common features.  

No matter what your project requirements are, we know how to get you there."


Any questions?
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Tell us about your project!

Let us put you in touch with an engineer to review your needs.  We can advise on hardware and software choices, as well as design and programming services.

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