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Leveraging our experience in Automation, Control, and Machine Vision across many industries, we can bring your project a depth and breadth of design proficiency into applications you've never done before, or in ways you might not have considered.   


Bring us your tricky projects and challenges – we love to join your design team and can offer ideas, technologies, and questions that just might make a project into a reality. 


Test or Automation Systems Design

  • ATE Systems

  • Automation Systems

  • Reverse Engineering Systems

  • Updating Old Systems



  • Startup Assistance

  • Project Architecture

  • Code Audits


Repair & Troubleshooting

  • Machine down investigations

  • Machine performance audits

  • Debugging Assistance

NI Hardware

  • PXI Configurations

  • CompactRIO Configurations

  • Single-Board RIO Design

NI Software

  • LabVIEW

  • TestStand 

  • InstrumentStudio

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becomes a great STORY

“Our OpEx team asked five companies to consider our challenge – we needed a machine for testing for hospital intravenous tubing, but we do millions of units per day, with 200 assemblers, and we found movement of parts to the test equipment to be an insurmountable challenge. 


Each team gave us two presentations over the next 6 weeks.  Some of the best plans had 30 systems the size of a fridge, or 10 systems the size of an SUV, using overhead conveyors and required hiring 200 more people.  All of them used off-the-shelf designs for leak detection. 


But Cyth’s idea flipped the entire concept:  a small custom leak test instrument installed directly on the assemblers table.  Small and inexpensive, we could build 1000 of them, and best of all - the parts do not have to be transported around the factory.


Cyth then unveiled a working prototype!  The demonstration worked right there on the conference room table.  We dismissed all the other candidates that day and set up a demo with the executive team.” 

-J.R.  Sr. OpEx Project Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer 

Manufacturing facility
Cyth Systems customer

Our Engineering Consulting PROCESS

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Schedule Consultation

To start, a Cyth Engineer and Architect will meet with you at NO CHARGE to do requirements gathering and review ideas under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

Engineering brianstorm icon

Engineering brainstorm

We will meet internally to review requirements, brainstorm ideas, verify product specs, and check pricing to meet your needs.

Design review icon

Design review

We present ideas and products that can meet your needs, and we can iterate until all the requirements are met.

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