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Machine Vision background

Machine Vision Systems



Machine vision solutions are typically used for automated inspection and process control across a wide range of industries.  Our machine vision lab enables us quickly prototype proofs of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of meeting your needs through a machine vision application. 


Area Scan & 2D Inspection

Area Scan & 2D Inspection

2D Inspection subcategories

Cell counting and recognition

Customize your "flat" image testing needs

The most common form of machine vision is 2D vision and area scan solutions.  Our broad experience ensures that we know how to ask the right questions and integrate the correct solution for your needs - no matter what industry you are in or what you need to inspect. 

End-of-line manufacturing inspection

Sub Pixel Presicion Measurement

Guiding assembly

Barcodes & Optical Character Recognition


3D Inspection

3D Inspection

3D Inspection subcategories

Confirming molded part shapes

3D Machine Vision uses a laser and camera to collect the full 3D profile of an object as a shape instead converted to either an image or a point cloud.

3D data can then be analyzed using typical image analysis techniques to look for bumps, scratches, measure holes, or compute volumes.

Applications include regulating the volume of a bar of soap, analyzing microstructures in a material, or finding defective molded parts.

Measuring volume

Scratches, cracks, or imperfections

Confirming presence or absence

Machine Learning - NeuralVision

Machine Learning - NeuralVision

Machine Learning Vision subcategories

Machine Vision involves teaching a machine to recognize and classify images and is now available for industrial inspection and automation.  It can be extremely useful when traditional vision inspection solutions are too complicated to program, or simply not accurate or consistent.

NeuralVision is a cloud-based AI software that bypasses traditional machine vision programming.  NeuralVision learns by studying images to learn to classify images or detect problems.... just like humans do!

Classifying organic items

Recognizing defects in assemblies

Hard-to-define inspections

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