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Our Customers


Cyth Systems has over two decades of providing the technology and expertise you need to be successful on Automation, Measurement, and Controls projects.  Our engineers will work alongside your team to design the system to meet your specifications.


We develop your solutions with reduced risk, cost, and schedule.

"Cyth is a critical supplier for us.  They're involved in the design, building, and supporting automation tools through our manufacturing."
-J.N., Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

"Working with Cyth Systems is refreshing.  Status Reports, Budget updates, design meetings... the way projects should be done"
-R.J., Senior Quality Engineer

"We knew the biology and chemistry of our concept, but we needed a platform to build on.  Cyth had our prototype running in just a few weeks… about the same time it took us to write the SOW"
-B.L., Biotech Startup Founder, Geneticist

"For years we thought PLC’s were the only option for controlling our freezers, conveyers, printers, processes, and casting machines.  But we had so many unmet needs and wishes.  Switching to Cyth’s embedded control platforms gave us all the control we had before, but much more in terms of logic, data collection, automation, and monitoring. "
-O.M., Supervisor, Mfg Equipment Maintenance

"I came to think of Cyth like a sherpa - guiding me to the top of Everest. They had been there before, they navigated me through the planning and every milestone, and they knew what obstacles we would encounter and how to handle them."
-J.A., Test Engineer

"I came to Cyth with a unique automation request, and while it was new to them it was very similar to other things they had automated."
-R.R., Healthcare Product Design Manager 

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