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Leverage Our Solid Partnerships

To ensure that Cyth Systems provides the best possible products and integration services to its customers, we are strategically aligned with some of the world’s top test and technology companies. For more information on Cyth’s Channel Sales Partners, please contact us.

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NI (National Instruments)
Integration Partner & Authorized Distributor

The NI Alliance Partner program certifies companies who are qualified to design systems using NI Products and ecosystems.  


The Alliance Partner Network is a program for third-party companies who provide businesses with complete solutions and based on NI Products.  From design through integration, consulting, and training, NI Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped to solve the toughest engineering challenges.

Machine Vision Partner

Cognex is a world leading provider of machine vision systems. As a solution partner for Cognex smart and industrial camera lines, Cyth has a long history of assisting clients in overcoming unique applications. Ranging from barcode reading to part and defect identification, you can be sure that your needs will be met with an industry expert.

Solution Partner

With multiple years of experience working alongside Keyence to integrate their unique product lines, Cyth is here to support your needs to automate a solution. Whether you’re looking to do defect detection or guide assembly lines, our goal is to eliminate errors and drive down cost. 

Edmund Optics
Edmund Optics
Vision Integration Partner

As a Vision Integration Partner (VIP), Cyth has teamed up with Edmund Optics to make integrating machine vision optics, illumination, and hardware easier than ever before.  With personalized onsite system integration, customers will witness the success of their vision system.

Summit Integration Partner

SICK Vision Integrators are divided into two groups – SICK Summit Vision Integrators and SICK Vision Integrators. As a Summit Vision Integrators, we have made the highest level of commitment to SICK in terms of experience, training, and equipment.