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Automated Test Equipment

Automated Test Equipment

Automated Test Systems BOOST your PRODUCTIVITY

Automated Testing Engineering or Automated Test Equipment (ATE) provide a rapid and repeatable way to automate measurements or testing of your product.


We offer product advice, training, or full system integration and turn-key ATE systems

Automated Test System


Automated Test Equipment for Manufacturing

Automated Test Equipment for Manufacturing

ATE Manufacturing subcategories

Automated Test Engineering

Automated Test Equipment

Manufacturing Quality Control

Production Test

Final Test / End-of-line Test

Whether integrating a system onto an existing line or creating something completely stand-alone, we can design an automated solution to suit your needs.

Circuit Board Testing

Circuit Board Testing

ATE PCBA subcategories

Circuit Board Functional Test

In-Line Board Testing

Bed-of-nails Testing

Our engineers work closely with you to develop a fully customized test systems for circuit board assemblies, which can stimulate and measure every signal on the board to ensure proper assembly and proper function of the device under test.

NI Virtual Bench circuit bread board test

Measurement Automation

ATE Measurement subcategories

Design Verification & Validation V&V

Benchtop interactive test

R&D testing

Design of experiments (DOE)

We design partially or fully automated measurement systems that can generate signals, collect measurements, and analyze results for a variety of interactive tests and measurements.  

Measurement automation is most helpful for repetitive tests, or tests requirements that have a broad matrix of test conditions.

Life Test & Reliability Equipment

Life Test & Reliability Equipment

ATE Life & Reliability subcategories

Life Test & Reliability Test

Life Testing allows design teams to automate tests, perform actions, or collect measurement thousands or millions of times, which helps to validate your products design by simulating its entire life cycle.

Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) goes one step further by simulating extreme stress, helping design teams can find weaknesses in a design and improve them. 

Shock & Vibration Test / Stress Testing

Enviormental Testing



Our ATE systems are built on an unmatched PLATFORM

All our Automated Test Systems are built on the PXI and DAQ platforms from National Instruments.  They work with practically any 3rd party component, sensor, or device on the market, and can be automated using programming or non-programming solutions such as LabVIEW, TestStand, and FlexLogger.

PXI & Laptop


NI Hardware & Software


STARTER KITS for Projects

Never start a project from scratch! Start your ATE system with our Plug-In Reference Designs and starter kits, which include the most common components, fixtures, software, and even the budget and schedule.  Of course each reference is fully customizable to produce an Automated Test System to your specifications.

  • Reference Design for ATE Systems

  • Reference Design for Circuit Board Test

  • Reference Design for Battery Test & Simulation

  • Reference Design for Power Supply Test

Engineering Test Cart
NI PXI inside test cart
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