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Industrial Automation background

Industrial Automation Equipment



Industrial automation involves integrating Data Acquisition and control logic with various third-party components, devices, and sensors.  Bringing together this broad mix of technologies, and integrating them into a final solution requires Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers, and a common technology platform to ensure all system components work cohesively.  


Leveraging the LabVIEW, PXI, and CompactRIO, platforms we can solve extremely complex industrial automation challenges and deliver success for our customers that could not otherwise be achieved.  


Automated Assembly Systems

Automated Assembly

Automated Assembly subcategories

Part Handling

We are often given a challenge to help automate the assembly of a product, or to provide assistance to a technician to improve or control assembly.

Typically we integrate equipment to apply pressure, torque, or to automate cutting, gluing, or grinding.  With the help of our measurement and control automation platforms, we provide the control signals and measurement feedback to automate product assembly.

Laser or Ultrasonic Welding

Pressing or Positioning of parts

Product Treatment & Handling Systems

Product Treatment & Handling

Product Treatment & Handling subcategories

Cutting or timming

Spraying or Dispensing

Polishing and Grinding

Much of manufacturing requires highly repetitive movements.  By automating manufacturing processes, such as the treatment of a product, material, or parts, we can ensure that your manufacturing processes are optimized for quality and throughput. 

Verification and Measurement Systems

Verification and Measurement

Verification & Measurement subcategories

Measurement and Sensor Data Collection

Measurement and verification of mechanical components during and after automated assembly or treatment helps to ensure the proper positioning, dimensions, or angles of manufactured parts.

Our team can help you define and select the appropriate measurements, data, images, or guide users through the process of verifying a product is manufactured properly.

Weighing, Dimensioning

Vision Inspection, Defect Detection

Counting & Classifying

Motion and Robotics Systems

Motion and Robotics

Motion and Robotics subcategories

Steppers, Servos

Much of the work of automation is making things move.  We need to make fast movements, precision movements, intelligent movements, or grip and manipulate parts like a human hand.

Rotary or Linear motion

6-Axis Robots or SCARA

Pneumatics and Grippers

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