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Industrial automation involves integrating Data Acquisition and control logic with various third-party components, devices, and sensors.  Bringing together this broad mix of technologies, and integrating them into a final solution requires Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers, and a common technology platform to ensure all system components work cohesively.  


Leveraging the LabVIEW, PXI, and CompactRIO, platforms we can solve extremely complex industrial automation challenges and deliver success for our customers that could not otherwise be achieved.  

Industrial Automation CATEGORIES

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Automated Assembly

We are often given a challenge to help automate the assembly of a product, or to provide assistance to a technician to improve or control assembly.  


Typically we integrate equipment to apply pressure, torque, or to automate cutting, gluing, or grinding.  WIth the help of our measurement and control automation platforms, we provide the control signals and measurement feedback to automate product assembly. 

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Part Handling 

​Laser or Ultrasonic Welding 

​Pressing or positioning of parts


Product Treatment & Handling 

Much of manufacturing requires highly repetitive movements. 

By automating manufacturing processes such as the treatment of a product, material, or parts we can ensure that your manufacturing processes are optimized for quality and throughput. 

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Cutting or trimming 

​Spraying or Dispensing 

​Polishing and Grinding 

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Verification and Measurement 

Measurement and verification of mechanical component during and after automated assembly or treatment helps to ensure the proper positioning, dimensions, or angles of manufactured parts.


Our team can help you define and select the appropriate measurements, data, images, or guide users throught the process of verifying a product is manufactured properly. 

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Measurement and Sensor Data Collection  

​Weighing, Dimensioning 

​Vision Inspection, Defect detection

​Counting & Classifying


Motion and Robotics 

Much of the work of automation is making things move. We need to make fast movements, precision movements, intelligent movements, or grip and manipulate parts like a human hand.  

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Steppers, Servos 

Rotary or Linear motion

6-Axis Robots or SCARA  

Pneumatics and Grippers

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 "I came to Cyth with a unique automation request, and while it was new to them it was very similar to other things they had automated."
-R.R., Healthcare Product Design Manager 


Integrating third-party TECHNOLOGY
for Industrial Automation 

We build Automated Industrial solutions around a platform including LabVIEW, CompactRIO, and countless other third-party products and components integrated together.  

These tools provide a powerful and flexible foundation for us to create custom solutions for just about any automation task. Learn more about our technology. 

NI Products
Cyth Process

A time-tested PROCESS
for Industrial Automation

Over the years, we have developed a fine-tuned process that helps ensure the success of Automated Test projects.


Even with the challenges and discoveries that are common with automation projects, our processes promote better requirements gathering, flexible budgeting, detailed communication, and milestone tracking.


Factory acceptance test

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The right TEAM for
Automated Test & Measurement

The experience and knowledge of the engineering team working on your project is a key component of project success.


Our engineers have a broad range of experience and training, and mentoring on projects that span multiple industries and disciplines. 


As a team we are experts at creating solutions that incorporate a broad range of instruments, sensors and components product test and quality processes, benchtop instruments, databases, reports, and so much more.

Cyth team
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"Working with Cyth Systems is refreshing.  Status Reports, Budget updates, design meetings... the way projects should be done"
-R.J., Senior Quality Engineer


Cyth Systems has successfully developed numerous of Industrial Automation projects across every industry. The projects below are very diverse, but they share many common characteristics, and all combine together in our shared experience, history, and processes. 

"Every project is unique, but all projects share many common features.  

No matter what your project requirements are, we know how to get you there."


Your Trusted NAVIGATOR

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Our People, our Process, our Technology, and our Experience - the Cyth road map for guiding your success in measurement and automation solutions.

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