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ENHANCING how the world brings products to LIFE

One of our core values at Cyth Systems is to create a long-lasting career where we get to follow our natural interests and passions every day. ​

Our projects provide such variety that you never stop exploring and growing.

We work with talented people at many world-class companies in nearly every industry.

We work on numerous projects that make a difference in everyday life.

We delight in planning what we will build and then bringing equipment to life.

We leave work with the rewards of one successful project after another. 

And much more...​

At Cyth, no two days and no two projects are the same. It's that variety of engineering challenges, plus the chance to work with amazing people and world class companies in practically every industry that gets me excited every day for over 20 years.

- Joe Spinozzi, CEO

Cyth Sytems, Inc.

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Career Opportunities

Technical Field Sales Engineer 

San Diego, CA, USA

June 15, 2024

Project Engineer

San Diego, CA, USA

June 15, 2024

Senior LabVIEW Engineer 

San Diego, CA, USA

June 15, 2024

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