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Technology Platform


Our unmatched technology PLATFORM

The core of all our solutions is the National Instruments (NI) platform including LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI, CompactDAQ, and RIO controllers.  These products deliver flexible, professional, and robust custom solutions optimized for your product.

Professional automation and control solutions begin with the NI (National Instruments) platforms.

PXI System
LabVIEW screens

LabVIEW is the key to Automated Test and Embedded Control Systems.  One software for multiple applications.


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PXI and Laptop


The PXI Platform provides an industrial Chassis and numerous Instrument Modules (Oscilloscopes, DMM's, Power Supplies, Switches, Basic DAQ, etc) 

Cyth Systems Engineers

Our proven successful PROCESS

Over the years we have refined our process to help you discover and solve the challenges and that are common with automation and control projects.  Our processes promote better requirements gathering, flexible budgeting, detailed communication, and milestone tracking.


Well-rounded, trained, experienced PEOPLE

The experience and knowledge of the engineering team working on your project is a key component of project success.  Our engineers have a broad range of experience and training, and mentoring on projects that span multiple industries and disciplines, including a broad range of instruments, sensors and components and so much more.

Cyth  Systems Engineering team
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