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Embedded Control Systems

EMBEDDED Systems bring your control and monitoring systems TO LIFE

An Embedded systems is a computer processor coupled with signal inputs and outputs (I/O) and software, typically used for system control or monitoring applications. 

With our Embedded Systems you can bring your product ideas to life by integrating components and sensors, including motors, pumps, valves, signal transducers, and much more. 

With our Embedded Systems you develop and deploy systems that include scientific instruments, biotech devices, factories control modules, and deployable monitoring systems.

Bioreactor embedded controller

Our EMBEDDED systems provide a PLATFORM to build on

Our Embedded platform consists of the CompactRIO (cRIO) and Single-Board RIO from National Instruments.  Running on Intel processors, Xilinx FPGA's, and Linux Real-Time OS, and programmed with LabVIEW... they come with robust credentials and build a platform for any embedded application with an unlimited range of connected devices and sensors.

CompactRIO and Monitor

Packaged Ready-To-Use

Single-Board Computer



Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Embedded Industrial Control subcategories

Process control & automation

Equipment control systems

Factory control systems

Integrated robotics systems

Conveyor and material handling

Industrial control systems are used to operate and automate industrial processes.  They include devices, systems, networks controls that can be found in factories, manufacturing or industrial settings.

Industry 4.0

Embedded Control Systems

Embedded Control Systems

Embedded Controller subcategories

Industrial equipment control

An embedded control system provides the control and measurement functions of an industrial or scientific device or instrument.  With our Circaflex control platform, we leverage completely customizable off-the-shelf hardware that allows designers to prototype a successful design in a fraction of the time, with less cost and practically no risk. 

Biotech instrument control system

Medical Device internal electronics

Scientific instruments

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems

Embedded Monitoring Systems subcategories

Condition monitoring

Industrial monitoring refers to the collection and analysis of measurement data from sensors and devices related to processes, assets, and equipment. 

Various measurements collected over a long period of time, or at the instant of a particular event, can give you insights to improve productivity and quality.

Long-term performance recording

Vibration and wear

Preventative maintenance

Event capture

OEM Solutions & Volume Manufacturing

OEM Solutions & Volume Manufacturing

Embedded OEM & Manufacturing subcategories

Design for manufacturing

Whether you intend to deploy dozens or thousands of systems, our OEM design services team will work with you to accelerate your path to market and ensure you are ready for every step of the process, from design to validation, manufacturing, sustaining engineering, and life cycle management. 

BOM & Supply chain management

Manufacturing & assembly

Test and Record-Keeping

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