Embedded control systems power our scientific instruments, medical and biotech devices, and industrial machinery.

Cyth Systems offers two powerful tools to

deliver success to your control system project

NI cRIO.png

Packaged ready-to-use industrial controller


A novel control platform with a novel workflow


Scientific & Industrial Control Systems

featuring Compact RIO and Compact DAQ

The NI CompactRIO provides arguably the most flexible and powerful solution for building control systems for industrial, scientific, medical and biotech, or process machinery and facilities applications.  Much more than a PLC could ever do, accelerated with the power of LabVIEW.  

The CompactRIO comes in many flavors and with a varying number of slots to allow users to choose either low-cost or high-performance options that share a massive library of I/O modules common to every control application.

With CompactRIO, Cyth engineers can select the right controller and modules for you and have an application in just hours which will demonstrate first and foremost that each sensor, device, and component are compatible with CompactRIO.  

Embedded Control Systems

featuring NI sbRIO and RIO SOM

An unprecedented design workflow for embedded control projects

When starting a control system design project, design engineers have an overwhelming choice of processors, operating systems, and middleware.  It can be overwhelming to choose how to begin, plus risky and expensive to develop.

We help clients build industrial-grade embedded control systems quickly and with less risk using Circaflex, our family of ready-to-use control systems and I/O modules already proven to work with devices and sensors engineers use every day.

Cyth changes that workflow by offering a system where literally 90% of an embedded design project is complete thanks to man-years of development embodied in a mature platform which is proven not only in many deployed applications but proven with thousands of devices, sensors, and components that engineers use everyday.

Our solutions are based on the Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) platform from NI.  NI-RIO products are built on Xilinx and Freescale processors and Linux, which gives them industry-standard credentials.  But most important of all is that the RIO platform, combined with Circaflex, delivers a ready-to-use control module that only needs customization to a specific project.

Our engineers work closely with our clients to develop a customized final embedded control system solution. Customers can focus on innovation, not circuitry, and enjoy the process of bringing a control system to life in less time with less risk!