Embedded control systems are the brains that power the devices we use every day.
Embedded control systems are the brains of electronic devices and instruments, from everyday consumer electronics to life-saving medical and military applications. For a new embedded design engineers have an overwhelming choice of platforms and software which involve a lot of effort and risk.  Cyth’s design teams build embedded control systems from ready-to-use reference designs and I/O modules already proven to work in previously deployed applications with the devices and sensors engineers use every day. Then our engineers work closely with design teams to develop a customized final solution. Customers can focus on innovation, not circuitry, and enjoy the process of bringing a control system to life in less time with less risk!  
Industrial Control Systems

We experience industrial control systems everyday that control our movement and our safety, from air conditioning, to traffic lights, to elevators.  These devices are getting smarter all the time...

OEM Control Modules

Products are developed by innovative companies everyday, and inside each is an embedded control system.  Circuit Boards aren't changing, but they're doing something new... 


We have an extensive background in industrial control systems. Delivering numerous turnkey solutions for medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other technical industries.
What is Industrial Control?
Industrial Controllers are hidden all around us. They drive diverse equipment such as elevators, traffic lights, and the smog test equipment at your local auto shop. There are control systems that do precise, fast, or heavy-duty control, performing the same tasks for months or years without missing a step. Historically control systems have executed simple activities, but as computing power grows the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has been upgraded to the Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and the power of such devices has grown in leaps and bounds.


National Instruments leads the way in the PAC market with the CompactRIO (cRIO) line of products, and Cyth has built their business developing applications on the cRIO platform. From the simplest to the most complicated, Cyth has tackled every kind of application from the Food and Beverage industry to Oil and Gas. Many customers are surprised to see how quickly an application can be developed and how feature-rich a CompactRIO can be in such a tough, rugged package.  


The Reconfigurable I/O Platform 

The heart of the RIO platform is the acronym RIO - Reconfigurable Input/Output. The RIO platform is based on a programmable FPGA chip which offers the ability to reconfigure I/O through code. Once an input is specified the software node can read a voltage or temperature, close a relay or control a stepper motor. Yet simple I/O isn't the end, as the RIO platform can do almost anything that modern software calls for. Software on a cRIO can use wired or wireless internet, send emails, log to databases or control other instruments using buses like serial (RS232, 422, 485), or industrial buses like Modbus or Controller-Area-Network (CAN). With modern conveniences like these, there is practically no limit to what can be done with a control system based on the RIO platform. 


In the case of CompactRIO, reconfiguring I/O is as easy as loading bread in a toaster. As soon as a new module is inserted in the CompactRIO chassis the software recognizes the new input or output channels and makes them available to the software. As a result, CompactRIO requires practically no effort to set up your I/O or to change I/O as needed by your application. The last step is to program the application using LabVIEW to run on the LabVIEW Real-Time Linux system, which is a specialty programming discipline in which Cyth has extensive skills and experience.


Embedded Control System Projects

Check out some of our impressive accomplishments!

Bolt-on Digitizer for Measuring Operational Equipment Efficiency on Legacy Systems

February 13, 2019

Cyth’s Circaflex Controls a Lung Simulator to Train and Educate Future Doctors

January 21, 2019

FieldPoint Replacement for an Array of Freezers

October 31, 2018

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