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E-Bike Battery Testing and Validation Using BatteryFlex

E-Bike Battery Testing and Validation is performed using the BatteryFlex platform.
E-Bike Battery Testing and Validation is performed using the BatteryFlex platform.

The Challenge

A Southern California E-Bike (Electronic Bike) manufacturer approached us regarding a system to test and validate their E-Bike battery pack assembly.


The Solution

Using our BatteryFlex propriety testing software and PXI data acquisition platforms, we custom-designed a fixture meeting our client’s needs and product specifications for improved quality assurance of their E-Bike batteries. This has improved our client’s warranty return rate by 12%.


The explosion of E-Bikes in the last few years has enabled people to go the extra mile. With assisted pedaling to full assisted riding, e-bikes combine the benefits of being active with a rechargeable battery that maintains integrity over thousands of charges.


A Southern California E-Bike manufacturer approached us regarding a system to test and validate their E-Bike batteries. Their undesirable level of battery malfunctions and warranty returns prompted them to seek a solution for the testing of their E-Bike batteries.

Left: PXI data acquisition platform. Right: BatteryFlex LabVIEW user interface (UI) showing live test data

Upon customizing our BatteryFlex platform to our customer’s needs, we began to run overnight tests of 8+ E-Bike batteries. They are simultaneously loaded into the BatteryFlex fixture and with detailed test reports generated by morning. We performed the following tests for a pass or fail test according to the customer’s specifications:

  • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)

  • Power Cycle Test

  • Capacity (Static, Script, Pattern/Pulse)

  • DC Internal Resistance (DCIR)

  • AC Internal Resistance (ACIR)

A pass validated the battery’s function for integration into the final product whereas a failure prevented a faulty battery from reaching the customer. Using the BatteryFlex platform increased the accuracy of the client’s voltage and current measurement of their outsourced Lithium-Ion batteries.

BatteryFlex Offerings

  • High-Resolution, High-Speed Measurements

  • PXI Platform

  • Playback and Record Load Cell Scenarios

  • Data Logging, Analysis, and Storage

  • Output to any format report or datasheet

  • Thermal Monitoring and Measuring

  • Safety Interlocks and Shutdown


Delivering the Outcome

Our BatteryFlex platform allows for the accurate test and measurement of our customer’s outsourced E-Bike batteries ensuring a faster speed-of-test and improved quality assurance. Our automated fixture identifies the individual capacity of each battery cell undergoing simultaneous testing to determine if they are a pass or fail according to the customer’s specifications. We have improved our customer’s E-Bike battery warranty return rate in active partnership by 12%.  We also provided a proof of concept developed into a complete test fixture deployed at our customer’s headquarters within a 10-week timeline.


Battery Flex PXI Card Specifications

  • 4-Quadrant SMU (±60V, ±3A, 100fA Meas)

  • 7.5 Digital Multimeter (±3A, 1.8MS/s)

  • Thermocouple or RTD Measurement

  • Serial, CAN, I2C, SPI Communication

  • PXI Modular Architecture for flexibile Instruments, Channel, & I/O Count

Datasheet and Battery Flex Overview

BatteryFlex System Specifications
BatteryFlex System Specifications


BatteryFlex Datasheet for Download

Battery Flex - Cyth Systems
Download PDF • 1.49MB


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