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What Is Test Workflow?

Test Workflow is a bundle of select NI software featuring engineering-specific tools that help test professionals accomplish anything from their day-to-day work to overcoming their most challenging obstacles.

NI Test Workflow

Why Choose
Test Workflow?

You need to work efficiently to meet project timelines. It’s not the best use of your skills to program new tools or waste time with inefficient applications that weren’t designed for engineers. In Test Workflow, you get NI’s high-performance software, ensuring you can maintain quality and deliver to schedule. This was designed for you.

What Can You Do with Test Workflow?

Quickly set up your test with little to no code development. View data, analyze, and create shareable reports to communicate results to your team.

Lab engineer

Automate repetitive tests using tools for instrument control, communication, data acquisition, and logic.

Connect your system to the web and monitor test status from anywhere in the world.

NI engineers

Connect to any NI or third-party instrument. Measure temperature, strain, sound and vibration, RF signals, and more. Analyze all your data.

NI engineer

Integrate code developed in any modern programming language to a sequencer for a functional test system. When scaling to production, optimize throughput with native parallel testing.

Ni engineer

Test new technologies and evaluate design concepts with data-focused tools that let you interactively query and analyze results from different test runs.

NI engineer

What’s Included in Test Workflow

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment engineers use to develop automated research, validation, and production test systems.

TestStand is test management software that helps you develop, debug, and deploy test systems and provides full visibility into testing process and results.


DIAdem is data management software for measurement data aggregation, inspection, analysis, and reporting.


FlexLogger is application software for quick sensor configuration and data logging of mixed signals without programming.

G Web Development Software

G Web Development Software helps you create web-based applications for test and measurement applications without the need for web development skills.

SystemLink Cloud is an NI-hosted service in a secure, scalable cloud-computing environment that teams can use to access and share data from WebVIs developed in G Web.


InstrumentStudio is application software that provides an integrated approach to interactive PXI measurements.

LabVIEW Advanced Signal

Processing Toolkit*

The LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit provides interactive tools you can use to perform time frequency, time series, and wavelet analysis.

LabVIEW Digital Filter

Design Toolkit*

The LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit provides interactive tools for the design, analysis, and implementation of digital filters.

Select Your Test Workflow Edition

Test Workflow Standard

Recommended for applications that require hardware automation, data analysis, automated reporting, and remote access to test.


-LabVIEW Full, with tools for advanced analysis and signal processing
-G Web Development Software, for building web applications for test
-DIAdem Advanced, for measurement data search, visualization, analysis, and creating automated reports
-FlexLogger, for performing data acquisition with NI hardware without needing to do any coding

Test Workflow Pro

Recommended for building simple test and measurement applications.
Includes the standard capabilities of LabVIEW:

-Acquire data from NI and third-party hardware and communicate using industry protocols
-Create interactive UIs for test monitoring and control.
-Utilize standard math, probability, and statistical functions
-Integrate code written in Python, C/C++, .NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software
-Save data to .csv, .tdms, or any custom-defined binary file

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