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Connecting People, Process, and Technology

SystemLink is an intelligent Systems and Data Management environment that breaks down silos in your organization—from concept to manufacturing. Designed for engineering use cases, SystemLink software combines focused applications and data services that accelerate time-to-knowledge and time-to-market by leveraging comprehensive real-time information. From engineering teams to enterprises, SystemLink software helps you achieve peak performance. 

SystemLink Software

Acquire data. Aspire for knowledge. Choose SystemLink Software.

SystemLink Software by Product

SystemLink software products deliver superior situational awareness, test and measurement data analysis, and intelligent automation. With a modular and integrated architecture, choose the products that address your team’s specific needs.

SystemLink Software by Workflow

SystemLink software workflows empower your engineering and manufacturing groups to accelerate the NPI process and shorten the time-to-ramp to production. With better information management, efficient root-cause analysis, standardization of processes under test, automation of repeatable and time-consuming tasks, and improved yield, manufacturers gain a competitive edge. Increase your business performance across all test processes, systems, and locations with SystemLink software.

SystemLink Software by Workflow

From functional test in electronics manufacturing to digital transformation in aerospace and defense, SystemLink software delivers solutions to meet your unique needs.


Explore SystemLink in these areas:

-Aerospace and Defense Digital Transformation
-Automotive Data Management and Analysis
-Electronic Functional Test

What is Test Systems and Data Management?

Data capital is business capital. In today’s digital economy, data is a kind of capital, an economic factor for the optimal design and production of goods in an ever-increasingly complex ecosystem. Big data management represents an existential threat to organizations that don’t embrace it, but an unparalleled opportunity for those that do. Given this central and mission-critical role, strong practices and robust systems are essential for every manufacturer, regardless of size or type.  


Test systems management is the centralized management of a company’s test and measurement assets — software, systems, and fixtures. It helps make the most of test and measurement resources by using real-time information to provide optimum system function and availability.   

Test data management is the foundational system for collecting, organizing, processing, and analyzing disparate data across an organization. It makes essential test and measurement data available when and where it is needed.  


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