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Reconfiguable I/O (RIO)
Real-Time Embedded Platform


A Single Real-Time PLATFORM with WORLD-CLASS credentials

Our solutions are based on the Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) platform from NI.  The RIO is a versatile solution with infinitely customizable I/O configurations, making it suitable for various industrial applications, including monitoring, automation, and machine control.

cRIO Backplane
Single-Board RIO

Two Convenient Formats, Same Embedded PLATFORM

The RIO platform is built on Intel processors, Linux Real-Time OS, and Xilinx FPGA's, which gives industry-standard credentials and flexibility.  The RIO platform is a versatile solution with infinitely customizable I/O configurations, making it suitable for various industrial applications, including monitoring, automation, and machine control.


CompactRIO (cRIO)

Packaged Ready-To-Use

The CompactRIO (cRIO) is arguably the most flexible and powerful Industrial Controller for industrial and scientific machinery, facilities, instrument, or equipment applications.  The cRIO has hundreds of available I/O modules so that they can be customized for any application with NO custom development. 

The cRIO is not a PLC - - it’s much more than a PLC.  With the power of LabVIEW and Linux, the RIO platform can take high-speed measurements, analyze images from cameras, read from and write to databases, and even send email or text messages.  


Single-Board-RIO (sbRIO)


designed for integration into your product

The RIO platform is also available in the Single-Board RIO (sbRIO) or System-On-Module (SOM) form factor.  These two controllers can perform any task by the development of Mezzanine Boards to customize the I/O as needed for a project. 

Yet to make that process simpler, Cyth also offers Circaflex - a family of ready-to-use mezzanine boards with swappable I/O modules to help prototype all the I/O for a project without any PCB development.  After successful prototyping, Circaflex boards can be used as-is, or customized further to optimize connectors, packaging, or size.

Both formats designed to INTEGRATE all your SENSORS & COMPONENTS 

cDAQ Modules

For cRIO, NI offers a wide variety of versatile and rugged modules designed to meet a wide range of industrial and embedded control and data acquisition needs. These modules offer analog and digital I/O options, enabling users to precisely monitor and control various processes and systems. With seamless integration into the CompactRIO chassis, they facilitate rapid deployment and customization of real-time control solutions, simplifying development and maintenance.


For the sbRIO, mezzanine boards address the need for custom I/O interfaces and functionality.  Integrators can design mezzanine boards with any signal needs.

Yet Cyth offers a wide variety of Circaflex Reference Designs for sbRIO. Some Circaflex boards include built-in I/O, as well as module sockets for Circaflex I/O Modules.  With Circaflex, developers can tailor their Single-Board RIO systems to a wide range of unique use cases, extending the platform's flexibility allowing projects to start with .

Motors & Motion

  • DC Motors

  • Steppers

  • Servos Syringes



  • Gripper

  • Pistons

  • Slides

  • Solenoids

  • Actuators

  • pH

  • Flow

  • Weight

  • Strain

  • Oxygen/DO

  • Current

  • Current

  • CO2

  • Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Presence

  • Position

I/O Devices

  • Displays

  • Buttons

  • Knobs

  • LEDs

  • Traffic Lights


  • Peristaltic Pumps

  • Valves

  • Syringes


Both formats powered by LabVIEW for easy development of algorithms and applications

CompactDAQ Platform

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment engineers use to develop automated research, validation, and production test systems.

Both formats are designed for Quick Prototyping of Automation and Control Projects

The RIO platform is the perfect starting point for industrial factories and facilities or low-volume industrial and scientific machines.  Either platform is a great choice for designing the internal control system of an industrial or scientific product to be manufactured in the hundreds or thousands. 

cRIO platform
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