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Circaflex & NI Single-Board RIO Power Syringe Lubrication Inspection Demo

Circaflex & sbRIO Control Platform
Circaflex and NI Single-Board RIO control the syringe lubrication inspection demonstration.

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical test and validation company approached us requiring a tradeshow demonstration capable of showcasing their test and measurement process for the inspection of silicon lubricant utilized in self-administering syringes.


The Solution

We paired the NI Single-Board 9651 (sbRIO) SOM with our Circaflex embedded control board to showcase the control and monitoring of a machine vision solution that captures images of syringe lubrication for improved and measured quality assurance.


The Story

EpiPens are devices used to administer medication to an individual experiencing a severe allergic reaction, also known as anaphylaxis. Blocking the body’s response to an allergen, the importance of the EpiPen administering itself correctly in critical situations could not be higher. The product’s success depends on its ability to administer a predetermined drug dosage every time.


Our clients ensure that this occurs through the test and measurement of the silicon lubrication located in the interior of the self-administering syringes. Their system captures images (using cameras) of syringes individually used for inspection and analysis to meet strict FDA medical standards and detect defective syringes along their line. They asked us to create a fully capable demonstration system that they could use to showcase their processes.

Cyth Systems Circaflex & sbRIO
Cyth's Circaflex embedded control board is used to control inputs and outputs (pulse and steps) of the demonstration's LabVIEW motor control architectures.

The Process

  • An operator places a syringe in the rotating holder, located in the system housing.

  • The system's gripper holds the syringe in a vertical position while the first stepper motor rotates the syringe at a predefined rate.

  • A custom LED array casts and reflects light from the syringe towards a camera. The light reflected off the syringe is then gathered by our camera to recreate a two-dimensional image of the lubrication located in the syringe’s interior.

  • A programmable logic controller (PLC) strobes the lighting in tandem with the camera’s capture sequence.

  • Use of Circaflex and the sbRIO’s deterministic nature enabled the synchronization of the camera and lighting together for a predefined exposure time ensuring consistent lighting and improved camera imaging consistency.

  • Using software to stitch together a high-definition image, we can accurately quantify the coating of the syringe’s interior lubricant. All of this is controlled and synchronized using the NI sbRIO 9651 SOM and the Cyth Circaflex platform.

  • The LabVIEW motor control architectures measuring inputs and outputs (pulse and steps) are controlled by the pairing of the NI Single-Board 9651(sbRIO) SOM with our Circaflex embedded control board for high-speed data acquisition and measurement.

  • The system's enclosure houses the stepper motors, camera, and hardware required to image the syringe.


Delivering the Outcome

Throughout the project, our sales and engineering teams collaborated closely with the client to ensure their timeline and project requirements. We were able to provide the client with a high-quality inspection system with additional tradeshow demonstration features that fulfilled their needs and met their budgetary requirements. This included the system’s ability to scan and render a 2D image of a syringe’s interior lubricant for comparison and analysis and to give this data readout live using their test and measurement software. Our improved system and high-quality inspection processes now ensures the ability of our customer to showcase their improved silicon lubricant inspection technology.


Technical Specifications

  • 2 x Applied Motion NEMA 17 Integrated Drive + Motor with Encoder

  • 1 x Applied Motion NEMA 23 Integrated Drive + Motor with Encoder

  • 1 x 20 - Megapixel CMOS Global Shutter Camera

  • 1 x Telecentric, HP Illuminator (beam diameter 60 mm), White

  • 1 x RC Series LED Strobe Controller

  • 1 x NI sbRIO-9651 SOM (System on Module)

  • 1 x Circaflex 315



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