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What Is The
LabVIEW+ Suite?

The LabVIEW+ Suite includes LabVIEW plus additional NI software. The collection provides purpose-built tools for automating measurement, analysis, and test.

The software works together to save you time.

We can help you decide if LabVIEW+ is right for you.  Contact us for more information.

LabVIEW Plus

What's Included in the LabVIEW+ Suite

It’s LabVIEW, plus a whole lot more! The Suite amplifies the benefits of LabVIEW by adding software that provides even more time-saving and scalability resources. And by lowering the combined cost of purchase, bundled savings make it more accessible.

What's Included in the LabVIEW+ Suite

LabVIEW+ Suite Applications

The LabVIEW+ Suite is built for test professionals in electronics and electromechanical test. It provides software solutions to reduce development time, increase data usage, and prevent rework. Learn how the LabVIEW+ Suite can benefit you.

Create Electronic
Validation Test Systems

LabVIEW+ helps you configure, visualize, and automate measurements, analyze your data, and share reports. Increase test coverage and decrease development time with LabVIEW+.

Create Electronic Validation Test Systems
Build Electronic Production Test Systems

Build Electronic
Production Test Systems

LabVIEW+ helps you build measurements and test steps into comprehensive test sequences. Meet challenging test coverage requirements despite shrinking NPI schedules with LabVIEW+.

Set Up Electromechanical Validation Test Systems

LabVIEW+ helps you set up large data logging systems with custom functionality and share the data you produce. Everyone in your lab is more productive with LabVIEW+.

Set Up Electromechanical Validation Test Systems

Add Software, Subtract Inefficiencies

The LabVIEW+ Suite brings together the best of NI test software that saves engineers time by optimizing every part of their workflow. Each software includes features and capabilities designed to accelerate test:


  • NI LabVIEW is the industry-leading environment for automated test system development.  

  • NI TestStand is used in validation labs and on manufacturing floors across the world to automate and sequence tests.

  • NI DIAdem saves engineers hundreds of hours of manual data analysis and report creation with automation.

  • NI FlexLogger and InstrumentStudio make measurement and instrument configuration a quicker and interactive process.

How LabVIEW+ Complements LabVIEW

How LabVIEW+ Suite Software Complements LabVIEW

What Is The LabVIEW+ Suite?

LabVIEW has been at our core for the past thirty years and engineers have relied on it to solve every problem. It accelerates development with graphical programming, makes building a user interface as easy as drag and drop, and can connect to any instrument. It’s powerful Over time, we’ve added other software to our portfolio, like TestStand and FlexLogger. Not everyone wants to or has the time to develop, which these tools help with. The LabVIEW+ Suite brings you more software at an affordable, bundled price.

NI Integration Partner
NI Autorized Distributor

NI's Authorized Distributor
& Integration Partner

We've been named NI's Premier Integration and Distribution Partner for Embedded and Electronics Systems. 

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