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PCBA Testing Industrial Reference Design

Our AUTOMATED PCBA TEST Equipment Reference Design is 90% Standardized and 10% Custom.

PCBA Functional Test Solution

Businesses depend on Cyth Systems' expertise in functional test fixtures. Functional testing involves applying full operational power to a printed circuit board (PCBA) to ensure it performs its designated functions. This type of test often requires custom-built test equipment and fixtures. Cyth Systems provides support for all types of functional test strategies.

Starter PXI Instruments

Customize PXI Devices as Needed

Pre-Designed Bed-of-Nails

Customize Probes Locations

Pre-Designed Interposer Board

Customize Probes & Other Circuitry

Software Environment

Customize Sequences & Measurement

Instruments Drivers

Customize Measurements

PCBA Tester Cyth Solution
PCBA Solution Menu

Our PCBA Testing Solution.

Automate complex tasks faster

Perform complex and rapid tasks and measurements that are impossible for human manual tests.

Test multiple boards simultaneously, even share time-expensive equipment.

Conduct Stress or Life Testing of boards by repeating tests hundreds or thousands of times.

Bed-of-Nails Functional Tester

Bed of Nails Functional Tester

Predesigned fixture ready for custom modifications for any board:

      Customize width & depth 

      Customize Pin Placement

      Customize front and rear panel

      Customize Interposer Board

Test Fixture CAD

PCBA Functional Test

Preconfigured PXI System

Preconfigured PXI System

Standard PXI Modules suits 90% of applications needs as-is:

      Power Supply


      Digital Multimeter

      Configurable Switch Matrix

      Add additional modules, signals, and inputs as needed to expand your application.

Preconfigured Test Cart

Preconfigured Test Cart

Standardized Test Cart serves most applications as-is without modification!

      Internal Rack Mounting 

      Customizable worksurface

      Bar Code Scanner or Badge Reader

      Power Systems included

      Customization not required, but...

      Fully customizable if necessary

Preconfigured Test Cart

PCBA Test Fixtures

Preconfigured Database

Preconfigured Database

Standardized database Schema serves 90% of most applications as-is without modification:

Store any test results, pass fail results

Store images, waveforms, raw data

Customization not required, but...

Fully customizable if necessary

Preconfigured Reports

Preconfigured Reports

Preconfigured Reports suits most applications as-is with CUSTOMIZATION INCLUDED

      Most common report fields already setup

      Fully customizable graphics and layout 

      Fully customize graphs, tables, images

      Export to PDF already included

      Premade Excel or Word Templates you can 

      customize and modify

Microsoft Excel Icon
Microsoft Word Icon
Budget & Schedule

Budget & Schedule

Preconfigured Budget for all included features:

      Most projects within 10% of standard budget and schedule

      Automatically adjusts for project size and features

      Budget INCLUDES customizations

We know the ins and outs of PCB's

Power supply voltage levels (VCC, VDD, etc.).
Clock signals (system clock, peripheral clocks).
Analog input signals (e.g., sensor inputs).
Digital control signals (e.g., reset, enable signals).
Serial communication inputs (UART, SPI, I2C).
External trigger inputs.
User interface inputs (buttons, switches).
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals.
Temperature sensor inputs.
Voltage reference inputs.
Digital output signals (data lines, control lines).
Analog input signals (ADC inputs).
Analog output signals (DAC outputs).
LED indicators.
Display outputs (LCD, OLED, LED display segments).
Relay control outputs.
Voltage regulator outputs.
Power-on indicator outputs.
Current sense inputs/outputs.

Power-up sequence testing.
Power-down sequence testing.
Voltage tolerance testing.
Clock frequency and accuracy testing.
Data integrity testing (checksum, CRC).
Communication protocol testing (UART, SPI, I2C).
Uploading Firmware or other files. 
Overvoltage protection testing.
Undervoltage lockout testing.
Logic functionality testing (gate-level/functional logic).
Memory read/write testing (RAM, Flash).
Sensor calibration and accuracy testing.
ADC/DAC functionality and accuracy testing.
Motor control functionality testing.
Audio output quality testing.
Display content and pixel testing.
Communication protocol testing.
Button/switch functionality testing.
Temperature sensor accuracy testing.
All these I/O's and much more.

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Why Cyth?

Cyth Systems has over two decades of providing the technology and expertise you need to be successful on Automation, Measurement, and Controls projects.  Our engineers will work alongside your team to design the system to meet your specifications.


We develop your solutions with reduced risk, cost, and schedule.

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