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PXI Controllers

PXI controllers are either embedded or remote. Embedded controllers contain everything you need to run your PXI system without an external PC, while remote controllers let you manage your PXI system from desktops, laptops, or server computers.

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The Latest Controller Technology

NI’s embedded PXI controllers provide a compact, in-chassis computer for your PXI system. These high-performance controllers include the latest integrated CPUs, hard drive, memory, Ethernet, video, serial, USB, and peripherals connectivity.

System Expansion with PXI Remote Control Hardware

NI’s PXI remote control solutions enhance PXI systems while enabling chassis management through desktop PCs, rack-mount controllers, or other PXI systems. Remote controller options include high-speed data throughput, long-distance cabling, and host form factors.

PXI Controller II.png

PXI Controller

Starting from $ 3,415.00

Provides a high-performance, compact embedded computer solution for PXI, CompactPCI, and PXI Express systems.
Feature Highlights:

Platform: PXI
Bus: PXI, PXI Express

PXI Remote Control Module.png

PXI Remote Control Module

Starting from $ 1,435.00

Controls PXI and PXI Express systems from your PC or laptop computer through a software transparent link.
Feature Highlights:

Platform: PXI
Bus: PXI, PXI Express

External Controller for PXI.png

External Controller for PXI

Starting from $ 6,273.00

Controls PXI or PXI Express systems over a MXI interface from a rack-mount form factor.

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