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NI Single Board RIO (SbRIO)

Single board computer for control and monitoring. 

National Instruments (NI) Single-Board Reconfigurable Input/Output (SbRIO) is an embedded hardware platform designed for control, data acquisition, and monitoring applications.  It's part of the NI RIO (Reconfigurable I/O) family of products and is commonly used in industrial automation, control systems, and various test and measurement applications. 

The RIO platform is also available in the Single-Board RIO (sbRIO) or System-On-Module (SOM) form factor.  These two controllers can perform any task by the development of Mezzanine Boards to customize the I/O as needed for a project. 

Yet to make that process simpler, Cyth also offers Circaflex - a family of ready-to-use mezzanine boards with swappable I/O modules to help prototype all the I/O for a project without any PCB development. After successful prototyping, Circaflex boards can be used as-is, or customized further to optimize connectors, packaging, or size.

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NI SbRIO Processor

SbRIO systems usually include an embedded processor (such as an ARM processor) to handle tasks that may not require the real-time capabilities of the FPGA. This processor is often used for tasks like communication, data logging, and supervisory control.


The core of the SbRIO platform is an FPGA, which is a reconfigurable hardware device. This FPGA allows you to implement custom real-time processing, control, and signal processing tasks tailored to your specific application.

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NI SbRIO I/O Interfaces

SbRIO boards have a variety of input and output interfaces, including digital and analog inputs and outputs, communication ports (e.g., Ethernet, USB), and specialized interfaces for specific sensors or signals.

NI SbRIO Real-Time Operating System

SbRIO systems typically run a real-time operating system (RTOS) that ensures precise timing and low-latency performance, making them suitable for control and data acquisition applications with strict timing requirements.

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