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integrating NI Products.
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Certified LabVIEW developers (CLAD, CLD, CLA, and CLED).

Decades of experience using all NI products.

The NI Distributor with the most experience with NI Hardware & Software.

Former NI employees on staff.

NI Authorized Distributor
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A Single Hardware & Software Platform to ENGINEER THE FUTURE

The NI platform provides a wide range of hardware along with a single software development environment for building measurement, automation, and test systems. 


Users of the NI platform are empowered to build manufacturing QA systems, benchtop R&D automation systems, and embedded control and monitoring systems in a single common workflow environment. 

No other product line can do as much as NI using a single brand platform. 

  • Desktop PC - Enable any PC to take measurements

  • CompactDAQ (cDAQ) - USB or Ethernet I/O add-on for PC's.

  • PXI - Industrial computer and instrument chassis

  • Instrument Modules - Common engineering instruments in slim, compact modules. 

  • CompactRIO (cRIO) - Industrial computing chassis for distributed rugged I/O.

  • Single Board Rio (sbRIO) - Single board computer for control and monitoring. 

  • LabVIEW - Programming language and development environment for all NI hardware systems. 

  • TestStand - Sequence engine for running sophisticated automation recipes.

  • SystemLink - Manage and collect data from distributed systems. 

  • DIAdem -  Process, visualize, and analyze large data sets. 

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Cyth Sales Representative

NI hardware offers I/O and components to create high-quality custom systems. Products include application- and measurement-specific modules, protocol support, FPGA-enabled hardware, and options for industrial and rugged locations

NI Hardware
NI USB based systems

Enable any PC to take measurements

Provide electrical and physical measurement capabilities for engineers who need a customizable and easy way of conducting benchtop measurements.


USB or Ethernet I/O add-on for PC's.

A customizable solution for engineers to perform electrical and physical measurements at the bench or in the field.

NI CompactDAQ
CompactRIO Controller_edited.jpg

Industrial computing chassis for distributed rugged I/O.

Real-time computing system with signal conditioning I/O modules, for stand-alone data logging, industrial monitoring, and control applications.


Industrial computer and instrument chassis

A high-performance industrial computer system for instrument modules to share timing, synchronization, and data.

NI Single-Board RIO (sbRIO)

Single board computer for control and monitoring. 

Provides real-time operating system and Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) on an off-the-shelf board-level system for customizable OEM designs.


Instrumentation Modules

Common engineering instruments in slim, compact modules. 

Combine all of the most commonly used instruments integrated into a single chassis, working together for a test and measurement application.

NI Instrumentation Modules

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The NI software portfolio is built to improve engineering productivity and help you tackle your greatest engineering challenges.

NI Software

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment engineers use to develop automated research, validation, and production test systems.


TestStand is a test executive software that accelerates system development and deployment for engineers in validation and production.


SystemLink software equips enterprises to utilize test and measurement data for removing operational inefficiencies and uncovering actionable insights to improve overall performance across your test workflows.


Test Workflow is a bundle of select NI software featuring engineering-specific tools that help test professionals accomplish anything from their day-to-day work to overcoming their most challenging obstacles.

Test Workflow
DIAdem Software

DIAdem is application software to process, visualize, and streamline root-cause determination to find the answers to the most complex test problems—all in one place.

NI Autorized Distributor
NI Integration Partner


We've been named NI's Premier Integration Partner and authorized Distributor for Embedded and Electronics Systems.  Contact us today!

See the thousands of systems we've built

We can show you examples of the systems we've deployed that are most similar to your needs.  Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Meet with our engineers to start planning your system 

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