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Products to Engineer the Future

NI offers modular hardware, software, services, and systems that set the standard for automated test and automated measurement systems. Let's find the right products to help you test faster, design better, improve reliability, and maximize your test data.

PXI Module

Shop by Application Area

Data Acquisition and Control

Data acquisition and control products are designed for a specific sensor or measurement type. They include products that help you control and monitor external hardware.


Counters and Timers

Broad-Level Controllers

HMIs and Displays


Signal Conditioning

Position Displacement

Machine Vision

Industrial Communication Buses

Vehicle Communications Buses

Avionics Communication Buses


Electronic Test
and Instrumentation

NI’s electronic test and instrumentation products feature specialized synchronization and key software features for high-performance automated test, design, and device validation.


Wireless Design & Test

As we push the boundaries of wireless communications, NI offers software defined radios, generators, analyzers, and transceivers for rapid prototyping and production test.

NI Wireless Design

Spectrum and Signal Analyzers

RF and Microwave Switches

Power Sensors

RF Signal Conditioning

NI Product

Engineering Education

For hands-on learning in the classroom, NI offers engineering education tools that turn textbook concepts into real-world practical experience.

Portable Student Devices

Radio Prototyping Hardware

Engineering Lab Stations

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