The go-to vision system for inspecting wires, tubing, and everything in-between.
The Wire and Tubing Inspection System (WTIS) is a reconfigurable solution for the visual inspection of elongated cylindrical products. Applications to date have encompassed inspecting commercial as well as medical grade products ranging from a few centimeters to several meters in length. Similarly, the system has the ability to handle a wide variety of inspection parameters from width, length, fluorescence, patterns, material, scratches, inclusions, and most varieties of defects. Through the modification of optics, linear motion, and lighting environments the inspection system can be reconfigured to identify product specific requirements. 

The WTIS system leverages Cyth's 10+ years as an advanced vision integrator (certified by the Automated Imaging Association) to create a flexible and versatile automated solution which can be adapted to unique client needs. Utilizing the forefront of visual processing algorithms along with Cyth's unique experience in systems integration, it will be a collaborative effort to meet whatever needs exist.
Wire and Tubing Inspection System
  • Stand-alone or inline deployment capabilities possible
  • Fully enclosed system designed to allow easy loading and testing of samples
  • Robust and extensively tested algorithms offer the most stable long-term and site-to-site results
  • Customizable optics, lighting, and linear motion based on unique product needs
  • Stores data and images to local hard drive for years of production archived storage
  • Customizable software and settings let manufacturers choose pass/fail criteria or customer requirements
  • Designed to comply with FDA validation

Wire & Tubing Inspection System Projects

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