It's Time to Develop Your Embedded System from the Inside Out with Circaflex

Do you want your embedded system to be faster, more efficient and more foolproof? Cyth has developed control systems across dozens of industries using platforms from National Instruments (NI). As an NI Gold Alliance Partner and with an extensive background in these control systems and platforms, our engineers will collaborate with you to create the perfect system for your application.

To enable rapid prototyping of an embedded control solution, Cyth developed the Circaflex family of control systems and swappable I/O modules. Circaflex is a collection of off-the-shelf control systems that help engineers develop sophisticated devices and instruments without the risk and cost of custom circuit boards.

Our team can develop feature-packed Embedded Systems designed to support a variety of sensors and devices. Cyth will work with you to decide which embedded control system is right for you, and create a fully custom application that will save time, save money and minimize risk.

We're offering our clients a free design consultation! Call 858.537.1960 or email us at to speak with a Cyth engineer today.

Check out our Embedded Control System & Circaflex projects below!

Patient Heart Simulator for Perfusionist Training

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High-Speed Automatic Frequency Controller for Tomotherapy Machine

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Nine-Sigma Leak Test of Medical Device Disposal Tubing

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