Cyth CEO Honored with AIA Achievement Award for Machine Vision & Imaging Contributions

The AIA Achievement Award is the vision and imaging industry’s top honor, and this year, it has been awarded to Cyth’s very own CEO, Andy Long. Andy was honored at the A3 Business Forum this year in recognition of his leadership and outstanding contributions in promoting market acceptance and growth of industrial and scientific imaging.

20 years ago, Andy fell in love with the technology, opportunity and excitement of machine vision, comparing the industry’s start-up feel to the aviation breakthrough of the early 1900s. He dedicates his success to a little bit of luck, persistence, and a lot of education: his advice to young engineers is to train and learn. Do the work, educate yourself, and get to know what you don’t know. His favorite part of his job every day is talking to people, sharing ideas and collaborating. Andy believes a major nuance to learn is being able to get to know the needs and wants of everyone involved. Taking in different viewpoints shows you that everyone is invested in something different, and learning how to navigate that challenge is crucial.

The deep learning aspect of machine vision is at an exciting stage of growth, and Andy believes that deep learning will change every facet of every business. Machine vision will benefit every part of every business operation, and just ten years from now, the business process as we know it will be different. He has plans to partake in the machine vision of the future; the next generation of this technology, and he’s leading Cyth to make this vision technology accessible to everyone. He has stated that receiving this award has been his proudest accomplishment thus far in his career.

Huge congratulations to Andy for this incredible achievement!

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