Quantifiable Standardized Calculation for Distortion on Window Tint Film

Quantifiable Standardized Calculation for Distortion on Window Tint Film

For over 50 years, San Diego-based window tint company has been providing building tenants around the world protections from the sun's heat and harmful rays. Besides the many services this company offers, they also manufacture their own window tint film.

One of the biggest issues when manufacturing your own window film is verifying no distortion or striations (lines going in the direction of the assembly machine) are present. Traditionally, segments of the film would be randomly selected and inspected by an employee operating the assembly line. To the newer or the less trained eye, the company would provide comparative samples for inspecting. After recognizing the inconsistency in the current ratings of their window tint film, the company began looking for a system that could quantify the imperfections in relation to area.

After a quick search for "Distortion Measurement System", Cyth's B-DMS600 was the first to click on. The B-DMS600 measures the total distortion across some area, or across areas of sudden change. The tint film manufacturer loved the B-DMS600 but wanted it to match their current rating system. So Cyth not only quantified and calibrated their existing rating system, but within a few hundred samples were able to standardize consistently repeatable measurements out of the B-DMS600. From the numerical output, the customer was able to choose how and when they wanted to fail the tint film.

After receiving the calculated output, the client wanted Cyth's rating system (from 0-100) to match their current rating system (from 100-400). To accommodate this, Cyth took the ratings from their employees, compare the film to the rating of the system and found a correlation so that the B-DMS600 would output the same numerical result as their employees would.

Cyth's Bench-top Distortion Measurement System was the perfect solution to their problem. The window tint film company bought multiple units that are currently in production lines in multiple facilities around the world.

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