Cyth's Distortion Measurement System Improves Two Company's Products

Cyth's Distortion Measurement System Improves Two Company's Products

A laminate film for your car is a great idea. It protects your car's paint for a long time and prevents against scratches. Yet one of the strongest selling points for laminate film is that it's hardly noticeable. Essentially, the more transparent the better. But as time goes on the film can begin to develop areas of distortion.

A global automotive film company was conducting UV accelerated life tests to study the behavior of their laminate film. They were noticing a rate of distortion over time but didn't have a quantifiable standardized calculation for it. That is until Cyth's Bench-top Distortion Measurement System (B-DMS600) was introduced.

After the referral from a partner, the automotive film company contacted Cyth with questions about the B-DMS600. Cyth explained how the B-DMS600 provides a quantifiable standardized calculation for distortion across some area, or across areas of sudden change. Before the phone conversation was over the company had already ordered several for their experiment.

After a few days of using the B-DMS600, the client discovered a defective layer of film from one of their manufacturers. The client contacted their manufacturer and explained how their material was making them look bad. The manufacturer was unsure how to test the distortion of their material so the automotive film company told them to contact Cyth.

The automotive film company's manufacturer purchased a B-DMS600 and tested their film. After completing the test, the manufacturer discovered their film was outputting the same distortion value as the company's film. The two Distortion Measurement Systems on other ends of the U.S. were producing almost identical standardized readings. Once both parties could confirm the manufacturer's film material was faulty, the manufacturer began investigating what was causing the distortion in their production line.

Ultimately, the manufacturer was able to improve their film material quality and their customer (the automotive film company) was able to confirm the quality of their laminate film had improved as well. In the end, both users of the B-DMS600 were extremely happy with the system and were equally happy to that their products had improved because of it.

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