A Snapshot of What Cyth can do

A Snapshot of What Cyth can do

Humans have always been fascinated with capturing moments. Whether its moments of high significance or outstanding beauty, people have an innate desire to perpetuated these memories into the future. This idea has manifested itself from sculptures to painting, all the way to the modern-day camera.

Through National Instruments, a camera manufacturing company contacted Cyth about one of their test and alignment systems. This client specialized in closed circuit cameras and was phasing out the analog component of their analog-digital system because the cut-over for all digital cameras was around the corner. Since their old test system ran on Windows XP and used obsolete DAQ hardware, they figure it'd be a good time to rebuild their application, update the hardware, and get rid of Windows XP.

The test and alignment system used stepper motors, an NI DAQ, a DMM, NI softmotion, a laser crosshair, an analog frame grabber card, an oscilloscope, a j-tag programmer and a NI PXI power supply. The system would bring up newly manufactured cameras, upload the firmware and then test and align the internal components.

The system would begin by measuring the laser cross hairs on an image the camera was seeing. Next, the firmware would be uploaded, a light would turn on, and the camera would be given a target to look at. The brightness of that target would then be adjusted using a LED backlight controlled by the power supply. A variety of the different features of the image would be evaluated and the system would align the center and the rotation through varies stepper motors. Once the alignment was complete, all the components would be locked in place for the bolts to be tightened.

Cyth rebuilt the system to execute the same tasks - now only for digital cameras - using Windows 7 and LabVIEW 2014. Cyth also modified the application in such a way to eliminate the analog frame grabber card entirely. And instead of using analog, firewire, and Ethernet, the new system now only uses Ethernet and USB. In this case, Cyth wasn't able to get the source code so they had to write it from scratch. In doing so, Cyth discovered the NI Motion card was also obsolete, so they upgrade to a new motion card as well.

This was a well documented, straightforward application. Cyth was able to get the new systems up and running with a budget and timeline the customer liked. Ultimately, the camera manufacturer was very happy and the system was qualified very quickly because the software was written exactly the same.

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