LabVIEW Code Rework for Sporting Goods Giant

LabVIEW Code Rework for Sporting Goods Giant

A world renowned sportswear giant got in touch with Cyth through a hardware integrator. The hardware was assembled and working, but the software was not operating properly. Cyth were asked to simply review the source code and give an assessment of the quality of the code and provide suggestions to correct the code's erratic behavior.

Unfortunately the assessment was difficult - the software was not bad, in fact it was very well written code. But the software didn't work and there was no clear indication why. However the project was a very complex motion and measurement project requiring precise timing and calibration. The main concern was that the application was mostly in Windows, and not enough was running on a deterministic Real-Time processor. Yet to achieve that required a complete re-write of the source code, and even investing the effort to characterize or measure the performance would require enough labor that halfway re-write the program, which was the best plan. Luckily the performance could be achieved with no additional hardware, and luckily Cyth's recommended rewrite was just 100 hours.

After a few weeks of silence the company called back and mentioned this was their fear all along, but that the other programming company was not capable of the real-time programming that was needed, and stated it would be fine on Windows. After giving the original company a month to complete the project, they asked Cyth if we would rework the architecture from scratch. They themselves noted that they had already more hours in that last month than Cyth quoted to get the job done.

The end of the story is the easy part. The project was successful as Cyth selected a simple architecture to allow the system to pass a script of movements to the motion controller and let the control hardware do the hard work as it was designed to do.

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