Cyth Releases Circaflex 80 MS/s Analog Input for NI RIO SOM

SAN DIEGO - 2/24/17 - Cyth today announced the release of the Circaflex 360 Control Module, which includes at its core the ability to digitize an analog signal at 80 Megasamples per second (MS/s).

Circaflex provides engineers and scientists the ability to develop and prototype new products...

"Acquiring data at these rates isn't new" said Jose Gomez, one of Cyth's embedded developers "but this is the first time anyone has done such speeds on the Single-Board RIO platform. There were challenges, which is why no one has attempted or succeeded at it so far," explains Gomez, "but our design philosophy and methodology allowed us to succeed and release the 360 in just 12 weeks". The application ideas are already flooding in

The unit was originally developed specifically for a space application, in which a portable device will be scanning the stars looking for signals from space. Although the device will be deployed safely on the surface of the earth, the environment will not be friendly. Climates will range from cold mountaintops to ocean waves, and desert sands, wit temperature extremes from -20 Deg to +60C. Once the platform is release, the actual project began, and was scheduled to be completed in just 3 weeks. The simplicity of Circaflex will enable the team to leverage existing code alongside the existing code But the opportunities don't stop there.

Shahab Seichi is a District Sales Manager for National Instruments, and meets customers every day with similar project needs. "Cyth confided in me the roadmap for this product, and I already had a customer in mind to see a demo. The Circaflex 360 fills a gap and will enable projects to be developed future the system will have wide spread applications for projects such as medical devices, flight computers, and industrial control applications.

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