Embedded Linux Conference: Apr. 4, 2016 | San Diego, CA

Embedded Linux Conference 2016

The Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) has been the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for the past 10 years for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products.

After a decade of collaboration, the conference is extending its scope to include user-space developers, the people building applications on embedded Linux, and will be the preeminent space for product vendors and kernel and systems developers to collaborate with these influential technologists.

Cyth Systems will join National Instruments to exhibit the NI-RIO platform, which brings the power of Linux to a Ready-to-Use platform for professional and powerful embedded control systems. Cyth will demonstrate Circaflex, our trademark platform of proven and mature peripherals and sub-circuitry read to be customized to any application. WIth NI RIO and Circaflex, attendees to the Linux Embedded Conference will see a path to a professional system with minimal development, cost, risk, and schedule.

Who Attends:

  • Kernel Developers and System Developers

  • User Space Developers

  • Product Vendors

The combined events will gather over 800 attendees from 25+ countries worldwide. Over 85% of the audience consists of developers, architects and engineers.

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