Intro to NI LabVIEW for Instrumentation Hands-on Seminar: Mar. 24, 2015

Intro to NI LabVIEW for Instrumentation Hands-on Seminar

In this free three-hour hands-on seminar, get an introduction to developing powerful test software using NI LabVIEW to increase productivity and reduce overall system costs. Learn to perform a variety of functional tests using LabVIEW system design software paired with PXI, a PC-based modular instrumentation platform.

Attendee benefits:

  • Gain an overview of the LabVIEW environment and learn to program graphically

  • See how LabVIEW integrates with PXI, an industry-leading, PC-based platform used to build compact, high-performance automated test systems

  • Conduct hands-on exercises with LabVIEW, using a variety of instrumentation to perform functional tests on a unit under test

  • Learn how LabVIEW natively takes advantage of commercial off-the-shelf technology to reduce execution time and system cost

Who should attend?

This introductory seminar is designed for engineers and scientists who are unfamiliar with graphical application development using LabVIEW. It provides an overview of using LabVIEW for test, which would apply best to those who build test, measurement, process monitoring and control, or research and analysis applications.

​Course Information:

March 24, 2015

8:15 AM - 4:30 PM

Peak Technical Training Center

9939 Via Pasar

San Diego, CA 92126


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