Cyth Systems Presents New Technology at NIWeek 2012 for Embedded Control, Electronic Design, and Vis

Cyth Systems Presents New Technology at NIWeek 2012 for Embedded Control, Electronic Design, and Vision Specialties

NEWS RELEASE – August 6, 2012 – Cyth Systems presents technologies at NIWeek 2012 demonstrating embedded control, electronic design, and vision specialties as well as automation solutions. Demonstrations will include Cyth’s Circaflex™ products within client projects in conceptual design stage, prototyping stage, and in the final product stage. Technologies at NIWeek that demonstrate Cyth Systems’ vision specialty includes a new vision lab in whichthe company’s machine vision systems inspect products using multispectral vision technology. New technology in automation integrates Denso robotics with SICK sensor intelligence and NI LabVIEW software. Altogether, these technologies represent the wide variety of solutions that Cyth Systems offers as a leading engineering firm and systems integrator.

Cyth Systems has been recognized by National Instruments as the only integrator with recognition in embedded control, electronic design and vision specialties. During NI Week, Cyth will be showing new technology useful for the product development process from conceptual design, I/O selection and prototyping, to final product development and deployment.

The Test Station demo at Cyth’s booth symbolizes the starting point of conceptual design where Cyth works with customers to carefully select their I/O and see them working out of the box using the Circaflex rapid deployment control platform. The newest product of the Circaflex embedded control family is the recently released Circaflex 511. This product will be part of the Test Station demo at NI Week in which sensors and devices can be connected and controlled immediately using the prebuilt Circaflex dashboard software. The Circaflex Interactive Wall demo shows a selected set of I/O that life science customers need and with the push of a button or a flip of a switch, the motors, pneumatics, fluidics and sensors are actuated and controlled using the simple LabVIEW code written by Cyth’s LabVIEW developers. The next stage that will be demonstrated is the prototyping stage where the selected I/O is controlled and integrated to build a prototype. One example of a prototype built for a customer is the BioWash Surgical Instrument Sterilizer, which includes heaters, motors and pumps integrated to form one functional prototype. The demos that show examples of final design applications completed by Cyth using embedded control and electronic design specialties include the PBS Bioreactor and the BioMed Simulation Bypass Patient Simulator. These final products show a customer application in which the Circaflex control system was fully customized for the customer and a different application where fully modular Circaflex 540 made it through to the final design. From conceptual design to final product, Circaflex was designed by Cyth to be the embedded control system that reduces risk and cost, while accelerating the product development process. The complete product development process shown at Cyth Systems’ booth indicates the new embedded control specialty and electronic design specialty that Cyth possesses.

Cyth will also present a vision lab at NIWeek, which signifies the vision specialty and uses multispectral vision technology. The machine vision systems inspect customer products using x-ray, infrared, 2D and 3D technology. New automation solutions at Cyth’s booth include new technology from three of Cyth’s partners, Denso, SICK, and National Instruments. The automated system demonstrates Cyth System’s integration of Denso robotics with SICK sensor intelligence using LabVIEW software to represent a high precision and highly efficient automated manufacturing system for product handling, tracking, classifying, and product measurements. The vision lab will be at the Vision Pavilion while the automated manufacturing system will be at Cyth’s booth during NI Week along with the wide variety of new technology. Products integrated from partners like SICK, Edmund Optics, Denso, and National Instruments signify the embedded control, electronic design, and vision specialties that Cyth Systems can offer to its valuable customers.

Interested in seeing these demonstrations in action? Stop by the Cyth Systems booth 307 during NI Week. To learn more about Cyth Systems, readers can visit

About Cyth Systems Cyth Systems ( is a leading integration and engineering firm with a proven track record of success designing and building automated test systems as well as embedded control systems, with a focus on quality products with minimized schedule, risk, and cost. Our unique approach allows for systems that are maintainable, flexible, and reliable. Cyth has been helping clients for 11 years from its headquarters in San Diego, California, and has grown every year while expanding the skillset and product offerings. Cyth has recently opened offices in Oxford, England.

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