NIWeek 2007: Aug. 7-9, 2010 | Austin, TX

NIWeek 2007

Join engineers, scientists, educators, and exhibitors from all over the world. NIWeek 2007 features three full days of interactive technical sessions, exhibitions, and workshops on the latest developments for automation, manufacturing, design, and test.

Join the NIWeek 2007 community!

  • Network with more than 2,500 scientists, engineers, educators, and NI developers

  • Choose from 180 advanced technical presentations, hands-on workshops, case studies, and panel discussions

  • Learn about creating advanced test, control, and design solutions in daily keynotes

  • Improve your NI LabVIEW knowledge and become certified

  • Discover new products and solutions in more than 200 exhibitor booths and pavilions

  • Attend a two-day training course offered in conjunction with the conference

Like many of your colleagues, you may be asking how you can improve performance and reduce costs in your test, control, or design applications. At NIWeek 2007, National Instruments can provide tools and information to help you find the appropriate solution that saves time and money while maintaining flexibility and longevity.

Show your boss the reasons you should go to NIWeek 2007 so you can join leading educators, engineers, and scientists from around the world at this year's conference.

Learn about new trends and techniques by attending the NIWeek 2007 summits. These events feature targeted keynotes, product technical training, and demonstrations by National Instruments developers and industry-leading researchers in graphical system design, RF and wireless communications, sound and vibration, and vision. Also see the summit content in action by visiting the corresponding pavilions on the exhibition floor.

Graphical System Design Summit

The NIWeek Graphical System Design Summit brings together industry and academic leaders sharing how they have accelerated embedded development using graphical system design. The Summit spotlights emerging challenges of algorithm engineering and embedded mechatronics design and solutions with graphical system design, using high-level graphical tools and flexible prototyping and deployment platforms.

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Sponsored by Analog Devices, EE Times, Embedded Systems Design and Intel, the summit features keynotes, interactive technical presentations, customer case studies, and a floor exhibition featuring innovative embedded applications. View featured Webcasts from the 2006 Summit from Analog Devices, Intel, RPI, Xilinx and more.

Keynote Speakers

  • Graphical System Design in a Multi-core Environment Ryan Parker, Intel

  • DSP First, Hardware Next Dr. Jim H. McLellan, Georgia Tech University

  • Mechatronics: Integrating mechanical, electrical, control and embedded design Dr. Kevin Craig, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • The Future of Embedded Design panel discussion Panelists: Dr. James Truchard, National Instruments; Hitesh Patel, Xilinx; Dr. Wayne Book, Georgia Tech; and Markus Levy, EEMBC and Multicore Association. Moderator: Rich Nass.

Sessions Include:

Mind-controlled Machines and Teachable Computers Audeo

  • Real-time Measurements for Tokomac Control with Multicore Systems Max Planck Institute

  • Bio-acoustic Algorithm Engineering: Case Study on Whale Monitoring National Instruments

  • Virtual Machine Simulation to Lower Costs and Risks of Machine Design Design Assembly Concepts

  • Applying Automotive Sensor Stimulation to Improve Reliability of Custom Machines Flextronics

  • Precision Machining with Adaptive Control and Online System Identification Clemson University

Who Should Attend

The Graphical System Design Summit is intended for both experienced and novice embedded developers in a wide variety of industries - biomedical, industrial, automotive, white goods, aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, and more. The technical content can benefit anyone who needs embedded design capabilities or needs to increase the efficiency of their design process.

The Vision Summit at NIWeek - A Premier Machine Vision and Scientific Imaging Event Tuesday, August 7 - Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Join industry and academic experts from Edmund Optics, FLIR, and Rice University as well as network with industrial machine vision and scientific imaging engineers at the second largest vision show in North America, the National Instruments Vision Summit. The Vision Summit, part of the NIWeek worldwide virtual instrumentation conference August 7-9 in Austin, Texas, includes interactive presentations, hands-on workshops, and a floor exhibition featuring many of the world's top machine vision companies. At this summit, attend sessions covering topics such as:

  • Basic and advanced image processing techniques

  • Tips and strategies for integrating machine vision systems

  • Advice from industry experts on vision component selection

  • New methods for image sensing

Don't miss conference sessions by noted presenters including:

  • Machine Vision in 24/7 Industrial Applications - Valerie Bolhouse, machine vision expert formerly with Ford Motor Company

  • New Technologies in Machine Vision Sensors - Richard Baraniuk, sensors and signal processing expert, professor at Rice University

  • High-Speed Image Streaming - National Instruments

In the expo hall, explore demonstrations and booths from companies such as Advanced illumination, Allied Vision Technologies, Navitar, Prosilica, and Sony in the Vision Neighborhood.

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