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Digital I/O, RMC, 400 MHz CPU, 256 MB DRAM, 512 MB Storage, Spartan-6 LX45 FPGA CompactRIO Single-Board Controller—The sbRIO-9606 is an embedded controller that integrates a real-time processor, a user-reconfigurable FPGA, and I/O on a single printed circuit board (PCB). It includes a RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) connector, which is a high- speed, high-bandwidth connector that provides direct access to the processor and digital I/O FPGA lines. The sbRIO-9606 is designed to be easily embedded in high-volume OEM applications that require flexibility, reliability, and high performance. This controller features Ethernet, CAN, USB, and serial ports and 96 3.3 V digital I/O lines.


  • Model sbRIO-9628
    Manufacturer National Instruments
    Part Numbers 787296-01 and 787296-02
    Type CompactRIO Single-Board Controller
    Processor Intel E3825 1.33 GHz Dual-Core
    Analog I/O 16 SE/8 Differential
    Supported OS NI Linux Real-Time (64-bit)
    Memory 1 GB
    FPGA Type Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A100T
    Weight 5.4 oz.
    Warranty 2-3 Year Warranty
    sbRIO-9628 Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
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