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Circaflex 540

Circaflex 540

Circaflex 540 is a modular embedded control system for designing smaller, low-cost, and highly flexible prototypes and products. Select ten modules from a growing library of Circaflex expansion modules and this system is uniquely yours. Rather than working with preselected I/O, you choose from standard signals like analog, digital and TTL I/O, or more application-specific modules like SSRs, reed relays, RTDs, and stepper drivers. After prototyping and choosing the modules for your project, Cyth will convert your modules to a custom board at no charge. Design your own system with Circaflex 540 and achieve the volume, size, and cost needs for your product.

Aggressive discounts available for higher-volume customers!

    • For use with any sbRIO with 
    • 240-pin RMC Connector: sbRIO-9605, 9606, 9607, 9623, 9626, 9627 
      • NOT Supported : sbRIO-9633, 9636, 9637
    • 24V Power Input
    • RTOS, FPGA, and User LED’s
    • Green/Red Power LED’s
    • Fuses