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Circaflex 318

Circaflex 318

Circaflex 318 is a prototyping daughterboard for use with the NI sb-RIO 9651 SOM which is thoughtfully packed with a variety of I/O typical to industrial applications.  Standard signals include 16 high-speed TTL digital inputs/outputs, plus 8 industrial inputs and 8 industrial outputs. With three sockets for our growing family of Circaflex modules, users can add application-specific modules like reed relays, pH probes, RTDs, and stepper drivers.  After prototyping and choosing the modules for your project, use Circaflex software for LabVIEW to create your application.


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    • For use with NI sb-RIO 9651 SOM
    • 24V Power Input
    • Power & Status LED’s
    • Primary Gigabit Ethernet 
    • USB 2.0 Host Port
    • RS232 / Console Port
    • RTC Battery
    • Reset Button
    • Micro SD Card Socket