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Wireless Design & Test


Wireless Design and Test

As we push the boundaries of wireless communications, NI offers software defined radios, generators, analyzers, and transceivers for rapid prototyping and production test.

Wireless Desgin & Test

Vector Signal Transceivers combine a vector signal generator, vector signal analyzer, and user-programmable FPGA into one device. Use these products for RF and wireless applications such as cellular device testing and RFIC characterization.

Software Defined Radios are RF transceivers that enable rapid prototyping and deployment of advanced wireless applications. SDRs are used for wireless communications, deploying signals intelligence systems, or as building blocks for multichannel test beds.

Spectrum and Signal Analyzers

Spectrum and Signal Analyzers measure electrical signals in the frequency and time domain. Use these products for applications such as wireless communications, RFIC characterization, RADAR test, spectrum monitoring, and signal intelligence.

Power Sensors

Power Sensors measure many signals, including single-tone and multitone sources, wideband, complex digital waveforms, burst waveforms such as WiFi, and multislot waveforms such as GSM. You can use these products in RF and wireless test systems.

RF Signal Generator products generate different types of signals—ranging from pulsed to modulated to continuous wave. You can use these products for RFIC testing, radar and electronic warfare, automated test, and other applications.

Network Analyzers

Network Analyzers measure magnitude, phase, and impedance of radio frequency (RF) devices. You can use them to make precise, repeatable RF measurements in RF design, validation, and production test systems.

RF and Microwave Switches facilitate radio frequency and microwave signal routing between instruments and various test points on devices or units under test (DUTs or UUTs).

RF Signal Conditioning

RF Signal Conditioning provides signal manipulation capabilities for high-frequency or broadband signals. You can use these products to augment the capabilities of connected instruments to improve attributes like accuracy and frequency range.

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