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Cables connect test and measurement devices to other NI and third-party hardware accessories or to individual header pins. They range from multipurpose coaxial cables to device-specific cables, all with industry-standard connector types to fit your system.

Multifunction Cable

Starting from $  41.00

Connects to DAQ devices and modules, terminal blocks, bare wires, or other accessories.

Digital Cable

Starting from $  213.00

Connects high-speed digital I/O, multifunction DAQ, and FlexRIO devices directly to individual header pins or other accessories.

LVDS Cable

Starting from $  785.00

Connects NI high-speed, LVDS digital instruments to other NI accessories, Infiniband interfaces, or directly to individual header pins.

SFP Cable

Starting from $  122.00

Connects to the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) or quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) ports on hardware devices and instruments.

GPIB Cable

Starting from $  130.00

Connects your system to GPIB devices or interfaces for instrument control applications in different environments, from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Fiber-Optic Cable

Starting from $  513.00

Connects your system to high-speed GPIB extender devices.

Serial Cable

Starting from $  52.00

Connects devices to test and measurement systems using RS232 and RS485 serial ports.

CAN and LIN Cable

Starting from $  59.00

Connects CAN and LIN interfaces to devices, breakout boxes, and accessories.

FlexRay Cable

Starting from $  59.00

Connects FlexRay interfaces to devices, breakout boxes, other interfaces, and accessories.

RF Cable

Starting from $  80.00

Connects modules and devices together for RF test instruments, USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), and third-party RF devices under test.

OCuLink Cable

Starting from $  152.00

Connects multisignal DIO connectors on RF and FlexRIO devices to other NI devices or accessories such as the SCB-8 breakout connector.

Coaxial Cable

Starting from $  30.00

Connects measurement and signal generation devices. Model options include industry-standard coaxial connector types including BNC, SMA, SMB, and MCX.

Ribbon Cable

Starting from $  36.00

Connects digital I/O devices, latching DAQ PCMCIA cards, or RTSI bus connectors on measurement, vision, motion, and CAN boards.

Sensor Cable

Starting from $  398.00

Connects sensors to PXI, CompactDAQ, or CompactRIO modules for data acquisition and signal conditioning of dynamic strain, load, and pressure measurements.

Triaxial Cable

Starting from $  259.00

Connects your system to PXI Source Measure Units and other devices that have a triaxial connector.

Chassis Remote Control Cable

Starting from $  193.00

Connects a PXI or PXI Express system with a PXI Remote Control Module installed to a variety of host interfaces so you can remotely control systems.

Sensor Cable

Starting from $  22.00

Connects computer hardware to digital display devices.

Triaxial Cable

Starting from $  26.00

Connects any USB device to the USB port of your computer to provide communication or power.

Thunderbolt Cable

Starting from $  59.00

Connects to any Thunderbolt™-enabled port.

Ethernet Cable

Starting from $  15.00

Connects devices together across a local area network.

Automotive Ethernet Cable

Starting from $  44.00

Connects Automotive Ethernet interfaces to ECUs, devices, switches, and accessories.

Camera Cable

Starting from $  56.00

Provides connectivity for controlling or transferring image-based data between two devices.

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