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Over two decades of developing successfully deployed machine vision test systems customized to our client's specific needs.

Machine Vision System Design


Automate your inspection to be

Machine Vision is a term that refers to the automated computer-based inspection of any product. Leveraging unique imaging technologies allow Cyth to design systems that collect a complete overview of a product to then be programmatically analyzed for defects, part verification, characterization, and any variety of inspections. With extensive experience in automotive, agricultural, medical, and many other industries Cyth has developed conveyor lines, robot arm, and standalone vision systems to streamline production needs.


Cyth Systems engineers are trained and certified by the Automated Imaging Association to be experts in the industry. As a close partner to companies like Cognex, Keyence, LMI, and others we have the technical relationships to give you the best. Whether your needs include deploying onto an existing line or designing something completely unique, Cyth has a long history of overcoming inspection needs.


Customize your "flat" image testing needs

Often referred to as Area Scan or 2D inspection, this method of inspection deals with acquiring images utilizing industrial cameras for a ‘flat’ image.  Vision algorithms can be designed and applied to look for patterns, measurements, scratches, OCR/OCV, positional verifications, and more.


IMPROVED quality. HIGHER efficiency and throughput. LOWER costs. FASTER Speed to Market. BETTER Safety. 


Arguably the most accurate and fastest

Incorporating motion along with line scan or positional sensors allows for the buildup of a 3-dimensional model for more complex measurements. Creating a point cloud or other dimensional profile allows automated inspections of things like height, depth, thickness, volume, and shape verification.

New technologies allowing for non-contact measurements are changing the marketplace now as inspections can be done with greater accuracy and at ever-increasing speeds


Our engineers work closely with our clients to develop customized final machine vision system solutions. Customers can focus on innovation, not circuitry, and enjoy the process of bringing a control system to life in less time with less risk!

Recent projects include:

  • Supplying input power and verifying boot performance & current consumption.

  • Measuring onboard regulators, output voltage supplies, the drawing of heavy currents, and testing power quality.

  • Measuring intermediate signals and onboard clocks.

  • Uploading firmware or files to microprocessors.

  • Sending commands through Ethernet, serial, I2C, SPI, or other communications.

  • JTAG testing and boundary-scan.

  • Measuring output signals or voltages and characterizing the quality.

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SOLUTIONS we deliver

Industry-proven, customizable embedded control platforms, leading machine vision solutions, & automated test systems applications.

Our results bring customers quicker development timelines, better product quality, and the assurance of a partner who has navigated this path hundreds of times.

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Recent MACHINE VISION Projects