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What are EMBEDDED Systems?

Embedded systems consist of computer hardware, input and output (I/O), and software typically used for system control or monitoring applications.  Our engineers are experts at integrating control system electronics with components and sensors, including motors, pumps, valves, signal transducers, and much more. 


We have developed and deployed thousands of systems that include industrial assembly lines, scientific instruments, medical devices, large installations like factories, manufacturing equipment, and electrical grids that rely on multiple embedded systems networked together.

Industrial Control Sytems

Embedded System CATEGORIES

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems are used to operate and automate industrial processes. They include devices, systems, networks controls that can be found in factories, manufacturing or industrial settings.

Process control & automation

​Equipment control systems

Factory control systems

Integrated robotics systems

Conveyor and material handling

​Industry 4.0

Embedded Control

Embedded Control Systems

An embedded control system provides the control and measurement functions as the brain of an industrial or scientific device or instrument.  With each application having different sensors and components, most embedded systems usually require a custom circuit board.  
However, by using our Circaflex control platform, Cyth is able to leverage completely customizable off-the-shelf hardware that allows designers to prototype a successful design in a fraction of the time, with less cost, and practically no risk. 

Industrial equipment control 

Biotech instrument control system

Medical Device internal electronics

Scientific instruments

Embedded Control Systems
OEM Solutions & Volume Manufacturing

OEM Solutions & Volume Manufacturing

Whether you intend to deploy dozens or thousands of systems, our OEM design services team will work with you to accelerate your path to market and ensure you are ready for every step of the process from design to validation, manufacturing, sustaining engineering and life cycle management. 

Design for manufacturing 



Supply chain management 

Manufacturing & assembly

​Test and Record-Keeping


Monitoring Systems

Industrial monitoring refers to the collection and analysis of measurement data from sensors and devices related to processes, assets, and equipment.  


Various measurements collected over a long period of time, or at the instant of a particular event, can give you insights to improve productivity and quality.   


Let our team guide you through selecting the right measurements and equipment to build an off-the-shelf or custom monitoring solution. 

Condition monitoring

Long-term performance recording

​Vibration and wear 

​Preventative maintenance

Event capture

Embedded monitoring systems image

"We knew the biology and chemistry of our concept, but we needed a platform to build on.  Cyth had our prototype running in just a few weeks… about the same time it took us to write the SOW"
-B.L., Biotech Startup Founder, Geneticist


Cyth Systems offers two powerful tools to deliver success to your EMBEDDED SYSTEMS project:

Our solutions are based on the Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) platform from NI.  NI-RIO products are built on Xilinx FPGA's, and Intel processors, and Linux, which gives them industry-standard credentials.  But most important of all is that the RIO platform, combined with Circaflex, delivers a ready-to-use control module that only needs customization to a specific project.

Packaged Ready-To-USE 

The CompactRIO (cRIO) is arguably the most flexible and powerful Industrial Controller for industrial and scientific machinery, facilities, instrument, or equipment applications.  The cRIO has hundreds of available I/O modules so that they can be customized for any application with NO custom development. 

The cRIO is not a PLC - - it’s much more than a PLC.  With the power of LabVIEW and Linux, the RIO platform can take high-speed measurements, analyze images from cameras, read from and write to databases, and even send email or text messages.    

NI RIO products

OEM Industrial 

Single-Board RIO (sbRIO)

The RIO platform is also available in the Single-Board RIO (sbRIO) or System-On-Module (SOM) form factor.  These two controllers can perform any task by the development of Mezzanine Boards to customize the I/O as needed for a project. 

Yet to make that process simpler, Cyth also offers Circaflex - a family of ready-to-use mezzanine boards with swappable I/O modules to help prototype all the I/O for a project without any PCB development.  After successful prototyping, Circaflex boards can be used as-is, or customized further to optimize connectors, packaging, or size.

"For years we thought PLC’s were the only option for controlling our freezers, conveyers, printers, processes, and casting machines.  But we had so many unmet needs and wishes.  Switching to Cyth’s embedded control platforms gave us all the control we had before, but much more in terms of logic, data collection, automation, and monitoring. "
-O.M., Supervisor, Mfg Equipment Maintenance

A POWERFUL platform for
Control System Design

The NI CompactRIO combined with LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA Modules provides arguably the most efficient and powerful solution for building control systems for industrial, scientific, medical, and biotech, or process machinery and facilities applications.  


This combination of technology can tackle more than a PLC and can really jump-start your design project’s success. 

NI Products
Cyth Systems engineers

A proven PROCESS
for Embedded System Design

Over the years, we have shown repeated success on Embedded System Design projects of all kinds.  Even with the challenges and discoveries that are common with embedded projects, our processes promote better requirements gathering, flexible budgeting, detailed communication, and milestone tracking.

Discovery phase (explore needs)

​Design review


​Design acceptance test

Pilot Phase (5-10 units)

Release to Manufacturing



The right TEAM for
Embedded Controls Design

The experience and knowledge of the engineering team working on your project is a key component of embedded project success.


Our engineers have a broad range of experience and training and mentoring on projects that span multiple industries and disciplines. 


As a team, we are experts at integrating embedded solutions that incorporate a broad range of instruments, sensors, and other components.

Cyth Systems engineering team

“We started with a basic idea of our control system, but when gathering requirements with Cyth Engineers, and incorporating their experience, our instrument turned out better than we originally planned it!  They were a part of our design team, and now, they always will be!”
-J.C., Electrical Engineer, Medical Device Design


Cyth Systems has deployed thousands of Embedded Systems across every industry. The projects below are very diverse, but they share many common characteristics, and all combine in our shared experience, history, and processes. 

"Every project is unique, but all projects share many common features.  No matter what your project requirements are, we know how to get you there."

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