The standard for measuring distortion on films, transparencies, and sheets.
The B-DMS600 is a benchtop version of the DMS family for measuring distortion on glass, plastic and liquid films. Developed by a team of plastic and glass manufacturing experts, the tool sets the standard for quantifying impurities in light transmission based on seeing and measuring the texture commonly referred to as “orange-peel” which is normally difficult or impossible to see with the eye. The secret is a perfect combination of optics, settings, and software which renders a reliable result proven for numerous manufacturer’s film samples and qualitative techniques.

The DMS is comprised of cameras and lighting with specialty lenses that can see subtle variations in the surface thickness and pick up errors in the transmission of light through the surface, which to a viewer would be seen as distortion.  The images below show a typical “good” film and “bad” film
Distortion Measurement System
  • Fully enclosed system designed to allow easy loading and testing of film samples
  • Industry standard computation reports distortion as a single value
  • Fully digital and solid-state offers the most stable long-term and company-to-company results
  • Automatically adjusts to different VLT levels from 0% to 90% with no manual or hardware modification
  • Stores data and images to local hard drive for years of production archived storage
  • Customizable software and settings let manufacturers choose pass/fail criteria or customer requirements

B-DMS600 Projects

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