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Custom Testing Engineering and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) provide a faster, more efficient way to test your product.  With the help of LabVIEW and Modular Instruments, our engineers create test and measurement systems for all areas of product design and manufacturing.


Whether you are in early stage R&D prototype testing, and design validation, or providing a solution for quality control and life testing our engineers can work with you to design fully customized automated Test Systems using entirely off-the-shelf products to ensure you deliver quality product on time.

Custome Test Equipment - ATE CATEGORIES

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Custom Test Equipment for Manufacturing

Whether integrating a system onto an existing line or creating something completely stand-alone, we can design an automated solution to suite your needs. 

Automated Test Engineering

Automated Test Equipment

Manufacturing Quality Control

Production Test

Final Test


End of line Test

Custom Circuit Board Testing 

Our engineers work closely with you to develop a fully customized test systems for circuit board assemblies, which can stimulate and measure every signal on the board to ensure proper assembly and proper function of the device under test.

Print Circuit Board Assembly Test


Circuit Board Functional Test

In-Line Board Testing

Bed of nails Testing

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Measurement Automation 

We design partially or fully automated measurement systems that can generate signals, collect measurements, and analyze results for a variety of interactive tests and measurements. 


Measurement automation is most helpful for repetitive tests, or tests requirements that have a broad matrix of test conditions.

Design Verification & Validation


Benchtop interactive test

R&D testing

Design of experiments


Life Test & Reliability Equipment 

Life Testing allows design teams to automate tests, perform actions, or collect measurements thousands or millions of times, which helps to validate your product's design by simulating its entire life cycle.

Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) goes one step further by simulating extreme stress like pressing buttons, vibration, impact, heat and cold cycles, and more.  Design teams can find weaknesses in a design and improve them until the product becomes extremely reliable.

Life Test

Reliability Test

Shock & Vibration Test

Environmental Testing


Stress Testing

Highly Accelerated Life Test


Highly Accelerated Stress Screen


Life Test & Reliability Equipment image
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Our TECHNOLOGY platform
for Test Automation

The core of our automated test solutions is the National Instruments (NI) platform including  LabVIEW, TestStand, and PXI.  These NI tools provide a powerful and flexible foundation for us to efficiently design and deploy custom automated test solutions that are optimized for your product. Learn more about our technology.



NI Data Acquisition (DAQ)

PXI Modular Instruments

Benchtop Instrument Control  (Oscilloscopes, DMMs, Power Supplies, etc.)

A time-tested PROCESS 
for Automated Test

Over the years, we have developed a fine-tuned process that helps ensure the success of Automated Test projects.


Even with the challenges and discoveries that are common with automation projects, our processes promote better requirements gathering, flexible budgeting, detailed communication, and milestone tracking.

Discovery phase (explore needs)


Design review

Functional demo

​Factory acceptance test

​Cyth acceptance test

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The right TEAM for
Automated Test & Measurement

The experience and knowledge of the engineering team working on your project is a key component of project success.


Our engineers have a broad range of experience and training, and mentoring on projects that span multiple industries and disciplines.  As a team we are experts at creating solutions that incorporate a broad range of instruments, sensors and components product test and quality processes, benchtop instruments, databases, reports, and so much more.


Cyth Systems has deployed thousands of Automated Test Systems across every industry. The projects below are very diverse, but they share many common characteristics, and all combine in our shared experience, history, and processes. 

"Every project is unique, but all projects share many common features.  

No matter what your project requirements are, we know how to get you there."

Let's start your ATE project today

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