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Circaflex 318

Customize your testing needs

Circaflex 318 is a prototyping daughterboard for use with the NI sb-RIO 9651 SOM which is thoughtfully packed with a variety of I/O typical to industrial applications.  Standard signals include 16 high-speed TTL digital inputs/outputs, plus 8 industrial inputs and 8 industrial outputs. With three sockets for our growing family of Circaflex modules, users can add application-specific modules like reed relays, pH probes, RTDs, and stepper drivers.  After prototyping and choosing the modules for your project, use Circaflex software for LabVIEW to create your application.

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Circaflex 318 PDF

Configure a custom Cyth System


Standard features

  • For use with NI sb-RIO 9651 SOM

  • 24V Power Input

  • Power & Status LED’s

  • Primary Gigabit Ethernet 

  • USB 2.0 Host Port

  • RS232 / Console Port

  • RTC Battery

  • Reset Button

  • Micro SD Card Socket

Helpful features

  • 9-30V Power options

  • Reverse power protection

  • Strictly regulated power onboard

  • Fuses protect Circaflex, modules, and RIO SOM during prototyping

  • LED’s for power, blown fuses, and most I/O signals help with troubleshooting

  • On-board power terminals make prototyping and changes easy

  • Two power connectors for proper benchtop and deployment use

  • Circaflex modules make expansion easy and efficient

  • Attractive and powerful user interfaces via embedded computers, remote computers, and Android and iOS devices.

  • Can be redesigned and customized to match application requirements

Unique features

  • 16 x LVTTL Lines

  • 8 x 24V IndDI, Sinking, Lo Spd

  • 8 x 24V IndDO, Sinking, Lo Spd

  • 3 x Circaflex Modular I/O Sockets

Every purchase includes

  • CFX-318 OEM Modular Control System

  • 24V, 4 Amp Power Supply

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Circaflex Screwdriver

  • Circaflex Thumb-drive with software

  • Spare Fuses, Standoffs

Aggressive discounts are available
for higher-volume customers!

CFX 302 - Front
CFX 302 - Front Isometric Left with Quarter
CFX 302 - Front Isometric Right
CFX 302 - Back Isometric Left with SOM
CFX 302 - Back
CFX 302 - Front with Quarter

Circaflex 318 Projects


Aerospace & Defense 

We help our clients develop custom control systems using our Circaflex off-the-shelf control systems and I/O modules.​​


Life Science

Through the combination of our Certified Vision Experts and fully stocked Vision Lab, we can tackle your toughest vision system needs.

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Consumer Electronics

We specialize in planning, designing, and build of Automated Test Equipment to test and certify products, components, and circuit boards.

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