Over 20 years of experience developing automated test systems customized to our client's specific needs.

Product Final Test

Customize your testing needs

Cyth Systems are experts in developing custom automated test systems - from defining a test strategy specific to each customer’s needs to implementing the strategy with test executive software and developers certified in the LabVIEW graphical programming language.  Cyth delivers scalable, documented hardware and software test solutions designed to meet not only today’s requirements but to minimize obsolescence management and scope expansion challenges in the future.

Whether integrating a system onto an existing line or creating something completely stand alone, we can design an automated solution to your needs.


Common projects include:
•    Automated Handling
•    Electrical Testing
•    Firmware Verification

•    Signal Measurement

•    Characterization

•    Calibration

•    Surface Inspection

•    Burn In Testing

Automated testing and rack loading utilizing a robot arm

Non-contact surface profiling

Material characterization via alternating light patterns

Precision placement of chemical compounds

Custom nesting for product specific handling

High throughput assembly and inspection

OEM and final product electrical testing

Automated assembly, characterization, and inspection

PCBA Functional Testing

Perform rapid automated functional testing on one or more circuit boards
Cyth will work with you to either develop the custom control you need or design the ideal test system for your existing circuit boards. From designing complex bed-of-nails fixtures to writing extensive electrical test procedures, Cyth is there to ensure you put the best product out to market.
Common projects include:
  • Supplying input power and verifying boot performance & current consumption
  • Measuring onboard regulators, output voltage supplies, the drawing of heavy currents and testing power quality
  • Measuring intermediate signals and onboard clocks
  • Uploading firmware or files to microprocessors
  • Sending commands through Ethernet, serial, I2C, SPI or other communications
  • JTAG testing and boundary scan
  • Measuring output signals or voltages and characterizing the quality

Custom embedded control for client's system

Volume production of client specific control modules

Highly flexible Circaflex allows for plug and play I/O

Multi PCBA electrical testing

Customized connectors based on client needs

Custom control assembly for client installations

Bed of Nails nest for electrical characterization

Automated signal conditioning and firmware verification