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Automated PCBA Testing

Standardized Automated PCBA Testing Equipment

PCBA Functional Board Testing

By implementing automated testing in your PCBA manufacturing process, you can streamline your testing workflow, improve productivity, and achieve higher levels of quality control. 

Functional testing circuit boards can help detect defects, verify functionality, and evaluate performance.  With our industry-leading solutions and expertise in PCBA testing, we will guide you through the key benefits, implementation process, and best practices. 

Note: does not include Flying Probe testing or In-Circuit testing (ICT) 

PCB Automated Test Equipment

Automated PCBA Testing Equipment

Our AUTOMATED PCBA TEST Equipment Reference Design is

90% Standardized PCB Design
10% Cutom PCB Tester Design
Guarantees Faster Development Reduces Risk Delivers Superior Efficiency And Higher Quality

Automated PCBA Testing Machine

Functional PCBA Testing

Case Studies

The best way to get to know us is by taking a tour of the systems we've developed over the years. Here is a small sample of some of our Automated Test Systems.

Bed of Nails Demo - BG Removed
PCBA Automated Test Accelerates Vital Signs Monitor’s Path to Market

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Test Equipment

Automate complex tasks faster

Perform complex and rapid tasks and measurements that are impossible for human manual tests.

Test multiple boards simultaneously, even share time-expensive equipment.

Conduct Stress or Life Testing of boards by repeating tests hundreds or thousands of times.

Why Cyth?

Cyth Systems has over two decades of providing the technology and expertise you need to be successful on Automation, Measurement, and Controls projects.  Our engineers will work alongside your team to design the system to meet your specifications.


We develop your solutions with reduced risk, cost, and schedule.

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Need PCBA help or advice?

We're NI's Top Integrator and Distributor.

Looking for a faster, more efficient way to develop your PCBA testing?

Our engineers create test and measurement systems for all areas of product design and manufacturing.

Need PCBA testing help or advice?

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